Different Types of Door stops that Fit your Home’s Style

In your home, numerous miscellaneous items often go under the radar but prove to be an essential component to your home’s functionality. Doorstops are a perfect example of something so small that can prove to be very important when it comes to maintaining your home’s aesthetic appeal.
Doorstops are vital components that keep walls pristine. It is easy to overlook their importance until the doorknob smashes through a wall making an unsightly hole. Doorstops come in various shapes and sizes that offer you a wide variety of functionality and aesthetic appeal options.

Common Types of Door Stops:

Spring Stop

One widely utilized door stop in homes for many years has been the spring stops. In terms of cost, you won’t find a better doorstop. They are fabricated with a long rigid spring and topped with a plastic cap to cushion the door’s blow. Spring stops are installed on the baseboards behind the door, about two inches from the edge when it is fully open. Spring stops typically stop the door at three inches from your wall.

Different types of door stops that fit your home style

Floor Mount Stops

Floor mount stops are used extensively in commercial settings due to their sturdy, long-lasting lifespan. These stops can take a beating and offer the best features in terms of strength and durability. Floor mount stops are spherical, with a slot cut out for a plastic cushion. As the name describes, floor stops are installed by screwing them to the floor. A hole in the slot allows for the doorstop to be screwed tightly against the floor. This type of door stop disables the door from getting anywhere close to your wall.

Magnetic Door Stop

Magnetic door stops come in two pieces. One-piece gets mounted on the wall while the other part is mounted on the baseboard or the wall. As the door is pushed open, the magnets catch, and the door is held open. Magnetic door stops are low profile and sleek, and trendy in appearance.


Hinge Pin Door Stop

Hinge pin door stops offer superb door stopping capabilities while remaining relatively hidden. They are placed in the door hinge by pushing the hinge pin through the door stop’s mounting hole. Hinge pin door stops offer more customization options than other door stops due to their adjustable thread stopper. The adjustable thread stopper can be loosened to allow maximum door opening or tightened to restrict the door from opening all the way. One drawback of the hinge pin door stop is that manufacturers usually require a specific door hinge for its installation.

Which Door Stop is Best for You?

Many door stops are available for purchase at your local hardware store, and the decision may still be complicated. All the door stops included in this summary are great options, and they all will perform to your expectations. The real decision to be made boils down to aesthetic appeal. Some door stops are more evident on the wall than others, and you may want a doorstop that will remain hidden from view.
When it comes to your purchase, consider the overall look and appeal of the doorstop before installing. However, if you are not satisfied with your new doorstop, they are simple and relatively inexpensive to remove and replace with another one.

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