Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy coating is one of the most resistant and durable finishes that you can apply to your garage floor. It protects your floors while transforming the unappealing cement into a beautiful, shiny surface. If appropriately applied, epoxy finished surfaces tend to be resistant and extremely durable for a budget-friendly finish. 

What is Epoxy?

An epoxy floor coating is a two-part coating, one part epoxy resin, and one part polyamine hardener mixed before application. The best floor epoxies are 100% solid based. This is an essential factor to remember when shopping for epoxy flooring. If the product under consideration is not 100% solid, keep in mind that whatever the percentage of solids will remain on the floor. The rest, which is usually solvents or water, will evaporate through the epoxies thermodynamic drying process. 
Some companies provide an almost paint-like epoxy/polyamine mixture. This type can be rolled on with a paint roller and later polished. However, solidly based floor epoxies are proven to have the best advantages.

Floor Preparation Process

Aside from using a high-grade epoxy material, floor prep is the other critical part of any epoxy flooring job. Fill in all cracks and patching up any areas that require care with a concrete patching compound. This process will create a flat surface that will result in floors that look brand new when the job is complete. 
The final step before an epoxy application is making sure the concrete pores are open, free of any oil residue, debris, or dust. The most efficient method of cleaning the floors is by diamond grinding. Diamond grinding with HEPA dust extractor will make the floor smooth and dust-free, and ready for epoxy to be applied. Debris and other dust specks can cause an insufficient bond between the concrete and epoxy, reducing its effectiveness and causing the epoxy coating to come off.

Applying the Epoxy

You are now ready to apply the epoxy coating. At this point, you can mix the two-part compound and apply it to your floors. Different brands have different processes for mixing and spreading, so it is essential to follow the product’s instructions. 

Finding Your Perfect Finish

Finally, epoxy comes in many colors; you can also achieve the speckled look by sprinkling color chips to the epoxy once it is applied. Lastly, a polyurethane topcoat is applied to the finished epoxy floors. This layer adds scratch resistance, chemical resistance, yellowing resistance, shine retention, and easier clean-ability to an epoxy floor coating system. With the multitude of colors available, you can find any finish you like. Epoxy floor finishes are one of the most durable floor options available. Once the project is complete, it will be an element of sophistication to your garage.

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