Transforming Workplace Comfort with Resimercial Design

With renewed interest and a return to the office, designers turn to Resimercial design to create a more comfortable and healthier work environment.

Resimercial design has been the trendy office template and go-to aesthetic for the past few years, becoming increasingly popular as more employees transition from WFH to back in the office. The term “Resimercial” creatively explains the bridge that connects residential and commercial design. This design trend is all about bringing the comfort of home into the workplace.

Going back about 30 years, architects and designers started to notice an increase in demand for commercial spaces that were more welcoming and comfortable. As restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic have eased and people are returning to the office, it has awaked even more excellent Resimercial opportunities. Over the past two years, employees got comfortable working from their homes and are now seeking a similarly comfortable experience in the office. One of the more difficult adjustments when heading back into the office is the drastic difference in the environment. Walking back into an uninspired corporate building can drain morale and motivation.

Transforming Workplace Comfort with Resimercial DesignIncreasing Productivity

There are some distinct advantages to following Resimercial design beyond the aesthetic. Creating a more comfortable and inviting vibe can positively affect employee happiness and job satisfaction. By adding multi-functional areas to collaborate and socialize and reducing the classic “sterile cubicle” environment, workers will feel more at ease and, in turn, be more productive. With 12.5 million working days lost due to work-related stress, providing a stress-free and comfortable environment is in the employer’s best interest. As millennials take over the job market, there is an increasing demand for more welcoming office spaces. The added incentive is that it makes spending time in the office more fun and relaxing and keeps workers engaged.

Transforming Workplace Comfort with Resimercial DesignFeatures of Resimercial Design

Good Resimercial design has a few notable features. Mainly, these all stem from creating a more user-friendly environment. Designing comfortable areas for lounging and socializing will allow people to step away from their computers and reenergize. With multi-functional furniture, areas can quickly transition from relaxation to groupwork sessions. Incorporating functional lighting and bringing in more natural daylight has strong positive effects on worker concentration. Introducing plant greenery and following biophilic design helps calm the mind. As you can see, Resimercial design focuses on blurring the lines between office and home and creating a more collaborative environment.

Transforming Workplace Comfort with Resimercial DesignMade to Last

Many residential furniture pieces are not made for the high traffic levels an office will see, so focus on sourcing items that are made to last. Durable fabrics are essential, as upholstery is often the first to wear down. Using leather, chenille, polyester, and acrylic fabrics will keep your seating from looking old and worn out.

When it comes to the kitchen, using cabinetry made of hot-pressed laminates that imitate wood will provide years of functionality. Setting the industry standard is Cleaf, which produces high-quality laminates that are perfect for office storage spaces. To elevate the visual appeal, using countertops of man-made materials that resemble granite and other natural stone, such as those made by Wilsonart, can go a long way. These products are durable for high-traffic areas and contribute to a more charming aesthetic.

Transforming Workplace Comfort with Resimercial DesignThe Right Vibe

One key element to feeling comfortable and welcome is the ambiance of a space. More important than the layout or function, the overall aesthetic plays an essential role. To elevate your Resimercial design, focus on the lighting, art, décor, and textiles.

Your office will feel less cold and isolating by utilizing warm tones, bright pops of color, mood lighting, and residential furniture. By adding depth, richness, and interest to the interior design by incorporating the kind of décor you would find in residential homes, a sense of familiarity allows people to feel more comfortable. It also inspires creativity when the space around you has exciting features and well-considered stylistic elements.

Using a natural color scheme that draws together the furniture and décor elements and following a Biophilic design promotes relaxation. By incorporating aspects of the natural world, such as organic materials (bamboo and natural wood furniture, woven seating, art, etc.), it has been shown that productivity and creativity are elevated. In addition, a visual connection with nature produces responses that improve concentration, lower stress, and elevate mood. This can be done by allowing more natural light, hanging art and images that pertain to nature scenes, and using floor plants.

Transforming Workplace Comfort with Resimercial DesignLayout Decisions

When determining your layout, you want to create a flow that moves people seamlessly through the space. Imagine the paths your employees take when they walk in the front door and create dedicated areas to solve different objectives. Resimercial design gets its inspiration from residential interiors. While homes may have a style that runs throughout, each room is typically different from the next in various ways. For example, the kitchen’s color scheme may be different from that in the conference room but include the same variety of floor plants or style of art frames.

Following Resimercial design, each area will also have designated functions. The well-designed kitchen gives employees a place to sit and enjoy coffee while chatting with coworkers, fostering a sense of inclusion. Seating areas with sofas and lounge chairs allow for multi-functional use, giving a place to unwind and enjoy casual brainstorming sessions. Rather than hosting all meetings in the conference room, small groups can get together in a more relaxed environment. In multi-functional spaces, you may be able to accommodate different needs simply by moving furniture pieces around.

Resimercial Design Is the Way To Go

By allowing for a mix of wide-open and designated areas, Resimercial design helps facilitate various solo and collaborative objectives. Utilizing different design elements in each space will keep things feeling fresh as people move from one room to the other. Walking through the office will not feel monotonous and repetitive but like a breath of fresh air. By incorporating features found in residential design, such as artwork, décor, bookshelves, area rugs, and sofas, a modern office becomes a comfortable and inspiring place to work.

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