Designers Rejoice: 2022 Color of the Year Picks Announced

This year’s list of must-have hues, the creative use of Biophilic design, and a soft return of 1970’s curves and colors.

With the Color of the Year 2022 winners picked, once again, we look to beautiful shades of green and blue for inspiration. Major brands chimed in together, showcasing a soothing palette of nature-inspired colors. Following these trends takes the guesswork out of creating a beautiful new aesthetic, and there’s no easier way to upgrade your home than a fresh coat of paint.

This year, interior designers are pulling in harmonious elements and earthy tones to mimic the tranquility of nature. We have spent so much time inside our homes the past few years, turning our dwellings into sanctuaries, and the colors for 2022 are an evolution of that ambition. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says, “While inspiration from nature is still a key trend for 2022, it’s evolved to focus on sustainability, rebirth, and growth.”

Over the past few years, vivid colors and patterns have led the way in interior design. Slowly phased out during 2021, it’s now time for something even more relaxing. As spring dances on the horizon, we are looking for a palette cleanser of sorts, and what better inspiration than in grounded, earth tones.

Creating a Happy Home

With research showing a direct correlation between our moods, health, and well-being and the aesthetic of our homes, the 2022 color trend is to create a sense of emotional ease. As we continue to spend most of our time living, working, and entertaining in our homes, paying attention to how Color moves our energy is more important than ever.

With that in mind, the 2022 color trends follow nature-inspired accents, fabrics, surfaces, and colors. There’s been a resurgence in using natural materials, such as terracotta, marble, and textured stone, as well as natural fibers, like unstructured linen. The imperfect design and unique elements that can be found piece-by-piece play into the wabi-sabi of using organic materials, adding visual intrigue, charm, and originality.

Worldly Inspiration

When it comes to their 2022 Color of the Year, many paint companies looked to the world outside our walls for encouragement. Whether it be desert-inspired tans and browns, flower petal greens, or clear-sky blues, the influence from nature cannot be understated.

Many industry leaders, such as Pantone, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and PPG, have chosen blue and green tones for their 2022 Color of the Year. Boasting versatility, shades of blue and green will work well in any room of your home. Coupled with the soft, sandy browns of terracotta pots and the rich, deeper tones of natural wood floors, this year’s interior design is leaning towards a more organic aesthetic.

Designers Rejoice: 2022 Color of the Year Picks AnnouncedShades of Green

Popular online marketplace Etsy has named “Emerald Green” its Color of the Year 2022, noting a rapid increase in searches for this luxurious shade. Benjamin Moore has followed suit, with its Color of the Year recognition going to “October Mist.” This soft sage tint, a collaboration of silver and green, is one of fourteen hues from their Color Trends 2022 palette.

Not to be left out, PPG announced “Olive Sprig” as their Color of the Year. This green/gray shade is soothing and soft, perfectly balanced, and invokes the subtle sigh of relief one aims for when creating a comfortable aesthetic. “Evergreen Fog” takes the stage with its gray-green hue for Sherwin-Williams. Happily paired with an eggshell white or a bright yellow, its depth can be built upon by joining in organic textiles and metallic features, such as brass and champagne gold.

Farrow & Ball has chosen five colors; the bright and bold yellow “Babouche,” cheerful “Breakfast Room” green, distinguished “Stone Blue,” crimson inspired “Incarnadine,” and classic “School House” white. These colors are tethered together in their versatile ability to compliment and inspire in any room of the house. So, whether it be an accent wall, colorful door, or a painted bookcase, this mix-and-match folk-inspired color palette sets the tone for 2022.

Relax Among the CloudsDesigners Rejoice: 2022 Color of the Year Picks Announced

Dulux has set its sights on open skies, naming its light blue shade “Bright Skies” Color of the Year 2022. Airy, light, and appealing, this relaxing blue hue carries optimism and serenity. As the new year brings in a desire to start fresh, this Color perfectly encapsulates the mood. The Dulux color forecast for 2022 mixes sensuality, intimacy, and liberation. With three distinct color palettes, each is filled with warm neutral colors juxtaposed with dignified pops.

Pantone has chosen “Very Peri” as their Color of the Year, a rich, warm periwinkle hue with a violet-red undertone. Pantone describes it this way- “It blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red.” Marking the first time that Pantone has chosen a new color as their Color of the year, this bold and saturated Color pops on an accent wall, especially when surrounded by beiges, creams, and browns.

Connecting with Nature

Catering to the appeal of earth tones, adding a calming touch often involves incorporating beige, browns, and other natural hues. Found not just in paint, these tones are also displayed through natural fibers, raw timber, and textured stone. In addition, decorative pieces like rounded mirrors, clay sculptures, and macrame wall hangings do their part towards creating an inviting and cozy space. As we seek to make a connection with nature within our modern environment, Biophilic design continues with unhindered forward momentum.

Vintage Re-Imagined

With a renewed interest in the return of 70s charm, furniture and decor are chunkier and more artistic, with silhouette-inspired curves and handmade pieces reflecting imperfect shapes. The use of marble and oxidized metals adds a sense of luxury and, coupled with bold colors and patterns, welcome back the decade. Expect to see more Mid-century furniture, highly textured fabrics, and furniture with curves as the rigid lines of previous years start to soften.

Let the Color Pop!

Not to be forgotten, there is still a place for incorporating eye-catching colors. With a seemingly subdued color palette, the shades of 2022 are anything but boring. Creating a soothing backdrop sets the stage for letting those statement pieces flourish, making room for self-expression and bursts of personality. To compliment Farrow & Ball’s “Breakfast Room” green and keep with the trend towards nature-inspiration, designers include bold metallics, bright area rugs, and unique furniture pieces in orange-tinged reds, vibrant colors yellows, and deep purples.


The color and style trends for 2022 start us off on a nature-centric journey. Blues and greens take center stage while natural materials follow along hand-in-hand. Expect to see soft dreamy hues and pops of vivid Color showing up in everything from wall colors, furniture, and décor.

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