Exterior Garden Gates

Exterior garden gates illustrate a transition in space. They mark the entry from a perfectly visible area into a hidden private zone. In a way, they create a sense of wonder as to what lies on the other side. 

Whether creating a playful entrance to your private oasis, granting an opportunity to sneak a peek of your retreat, or adding a gate with no gaps that offer privacy for your backyard, why not set the tone for your garden with a trendy entryway that defines your style? 

You can use them for many reasons. Many people will add garden gates and fencing to their property when they want more privacy around their homes. However, they can also be used to complete the exterior look and give your yard a certain feeling you are looking to achieve.


How to Choose a Design

It is always a good idea to select an exterior gate that compliments the facade of your home. In other words, choose a style that does not clash with what you already have set up.

If your home style is contemporary, choose a clean linear design that incorporates wood or steel in the construction of the gate. If you have a modern garage door made of wood or steel, you can order your side gates to match. If making custom gates, try to use the same color scheme as your garage or front door.

If privacy is a concern, opt for a closed vertical line wood gate that’s classy and on-trend. You can achieve the same look with steel or aluminum as well. Although the price will be higher, the gate will last much longer. 

If you don’t mind a little playfulness, then go with a fun design. You can have one made in metal or aluminum. These can be custom-made to fit your home’s style. By matching your fence’s scheme to your home, the appearance will be much more consistent. That way, everything feels like it was created to belong in the same space. 


Overall, you will want to spend some time thinking about your available options and what will look the best on your property. Aside from enclosing your home and providing privacy, keep in mind that garden gates complete the look of your home’s exterior. Therefore, the design and construction must flow with what is already existing. It helps if you think of the garden gate as another front door to your home. It will be what people see first before they come inside.

Increased Security

Finally, exterior garden gates provide a sense of security and privacy, especially if you decide to choose a solid gate. However, even gates with plenty of gaps offer more protection to the home than homes without gates. This is due to the fact they establish a visual boundary around your property. The odds of a stranger accidentally wandering into your space are also much lower. Additionally, when you arrive at home, opening the gate can give you a sense of returning that many people appreciate and even look forward to at the end of a long day.

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