Chandelier Height: How to Establish a Perfect Height for Any Space

When it comes to putting in your chandelier, you need to consider several things first. Chandeliers provide a great way to spice up the inside of your home and create a new aesthetic for your kitchen, living room, or even your bedroom.

Before you invest a ton of money in your new chandelier, take a couple of measurements and prepare the area in your home. Chandeliers add a whole new level of character to your home. They increase resale value, improve your aesthetic, and add ambiance to the space they occupy.

Chandelier Height: How to Establish a Perfect Height for Any Space
Chandelier Height: How to Establish a Perfect Height for Any Space

Ceiling Height

Ceiling heights differ in every home. It would be best if you took an accurate measurement of the room’s height before purchasing a new chandelier. Ideally a chandelier needs at least a foot of clearance from the bottom of the light to the tallest person’s head in the house. While you cannot account for everyone, you will need to consider the ceiling height before purchasing your new chandelier.

Chandeliers over dining tables typically need a minimum of three feet clearance from the table. If your ceilings are higher, consider leaving a forty-two-inch space between the table and the bottom of the light. If you add a table under the chandelier, you want to take that into account as well. The more clearance you have between your head and the chandelier itself, the better!
Hanging a chandelier in the foyer is a common practice that brings style and purpose to an entryway. This area needs a lot more clearance between the chandelier and a person’s head, typically as it should give the house a grand entrance. If your ceiling height is the standard eight-foot, consider a ceiling light fixture rather than a chandelier.

Chandeliers must Compliment your Overall Aesthetic

The most significant part of adding a chandelier to your home involves making sure it fits your overall aesthetic. Several ways to style chandeliers allow you to create a look that fits your design themes. Choose from glass, plastic, metal, and a whole host of other design choices as you find just the look for your home.

Chandelier Height: How to Establish a Perfect Height for Any Space

The Lighting Emitted by the Chandelier
The second consideration for a chandelier is the light that it casts on your space. A chandelier with too much light makes your room bright and flat. Your lighting needs depend on the area you’re trying to fill. Too little light, and you’ll find yourself eating dinner in the dark, while too much light might make the room feel stark and not intimate.
Using the correct bulbs also help set the mood for lighting. The number of bulbs, the wattage they cover, and the size of the chandelier itself all create a different effect on the space you’re trying to light.


Altogether, you can calibrate your chandelier to the height of your ceilings, the space you want to create, and the way you want the light to fill the entire room. Too much artificial light causes your area to become hostile, while too little makes it feel like a cave. Choose the design that fits your overall aesthetic, and you’ll soon have a space you can’t wait to inhabit!
You’ll need a bit of professional help to hardwire the chandelier to your home, so turn to the electrical experts when you’re ready to connect the light. The best DIY project is a safe one! Design, create and develop your space with a chandelier hung somewhere in your home. Choose your dining room, living room, or even your bedroom to create a great space!

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