Residential Wood-Clad Windows

Wood windows have been providing the warm glow of natural material since their inception. Wood has long been known as a resource that can create a beautiful natural feel while keeping your home warm.

The Elements of Wood Clad

When looking for window replacement, wood-clad windows are a great option to consider. Wood-clad windows utilize a wood frame with an exterior cladding of fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum. This is important as the outer cladding shields the wood frame from weather and insect penetration. This modern approach to wood frame windows reduces the windows’ maintenance and adds to their grace and longevity. 


Wood is an outstanding natural insulator. At 400x better than steel and 1,800 times better than vinyl, a well-installed wood window will keep your house warm or cool. Of all window options, they are the best option for maintaining a low heating and cooling bill. Using an aluminum-clad on the window exterior reduces the insulation value by forcing the aluminum to absorb heat and cool while also sending it into the house. Natural wood will add warmth to your home, both aesthetically and literally.


The wood frame can be maintained easily with occasional dusting and ensuring the glass slides are kept clean. Depending on the type of wood and your preferences, you can oil some woods to preserve their natural glow. You can also recaulk windows after a long period of being installed. This is especially helpful if you can feel wind and moisture coming through your windows. Caulking isn’t likely necessary, but every few years at the most, and if you notice cracks in the caulking. Be sure to remove all old caulking before applying the new. 


If you’re looking for the most durable material to use in exterior wood-clad windows, the aluminum-clad option might be the one that provides the most advantages. Aluminum is durable and dent-resistant, and when wrapped around a wood frame, it enhances the wood’s durability while adding a sleek modern appeal. With this combination, you also enjoy the benefit of the wood’s energy efficiency. Also, aluminum-clad windows are ultra-trendy with slim, clean lines on the exterior and the interior for an altogether sleek look. On the other hand, traditionalists can also use aluminum-clad windows in their conventional-style homes.

Style and Customization

Wood-clad windows are fully customizable. Different interior wood colors and stains to various exterior colors depend on which material you chose, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass clad. Aluminum comes in a multitude of vibrant, bold colors or metallic hues. Vinyl-clads are limited on color options, as are most fiberglass windows. Regardless, the combination of styling abilities and warmth makes them a great variety.
As mentioned above, there are several unique advantages of choosing aluminum wood-clad windows over vinyl or fiberglass.


Wood can be the most expensive option for windows because of the wide range of wood species colors, stains, and hardware customizations available to choose from. To save some money, you could consider staining or painting windows yourself instead of having the factory paint them.

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