Metal Planters

Metal planters are amongst the most durable planters one can use. They are also highly versatile and thick. For reasons we will discuss below, metal planters make great protectors for other planters.

Styling and Look

Aluminum or steel planters offer a more sleek and modernized look. They are also customizable into different sizes and shapes to fit into any desired space. Metal planters are powder coated to achieve different colors. This also helps preserve the look of the metal for a more extended period. If left in their raw format, they will oxidize over time and turn into a more industrial finish, turning them into more modern and unique works of art.


Metal planters are exceptionally durable. They are often made of just a couple of pieces welded together and are unlikely to break if knocked over or otherwise struck. They can also physically withstand most weather conditions, including rain and snow. Stainless steel or galvanized metal are the most ideal options to keep the metal from rusting.


A metal planter doesn’t require much maintenance. If the metal powder coating becomes worn, you can powder coat it again or paint the metal. When it comes to refreshing your metal planters, giving them a different color will bring a new design to your space.

Disadvantages of Metal Planters

Cheap metals can both bend easily and create toxic runoff. We suggest not using a cheap metal planter to grow anything edible. Your aesthetic plants will be just fine in any metal planter, but not your strawberries, as the metal runoff can get into the root systems. Metal planters are also often used as cache pots. Cachepots are decorative pot-like surroundings for plants with no actual bottom. Instead, you can place a ceramic or plastic plate underneath to hold dirt and maintain water levels while putting planters of other materials inside, keeping them organized and protected from the elements. Metal also gets hot under direct exposure to sunlight, causing the soil to dry. Therefore constant watering is necessary unless placed in shaded areas. Otherwise, these beautiful art pieces are very durable, and they make a bold statement in any garden or entryway.


A few points to consider when investing in metal planters are that they are heavy, therefore, not ideal for moving around. It may more safely suit you to place a metal planter on lower ground or someplace where you can easily pick it up. Climbing a ladder with a heavy metal planter is not suggested, and you should make sure to place them on very sturdy objects. If you need help, get a friend to help lift a metal pot with dirt.


Metal planters are pricy but can provide an excellent value for their durability. Metal planters should survive many seasons, and even if they fade over time, they are likely to produce a desirable rustic or industrial look instead of simply breaking. It would be best if you also considered paying more for premium metals that are less likely to cause soil to overheat or use thin metal that can bend.

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