Residential Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows have become a mainstay of many modern American homes. Price-wise, they are positioned well between traditional wood windows and budget vinyl windows. Fiberglass offers a necessary balance between providing lovely windows to the wallet while providing a solid frame. Fiberglass has grown in popularity with the creation of the techniques needed to mass-produce the frames.

What are Fiberglass Windows Made of?

Fiberglass windows are made of glass and resin composites through a process called pultrusion, where glass strands are pulled through a resin bath and a series of dies. Grouped, these fibers made of glass are more robust than wood or vinyl and hold a larger glass window than either material. Fiberglass windows are known for producing a “glass wall” with a high proportion of glass with a smaller frame that creates an inviting view in the home or office.

Does Fiberglass Maintain Well?

Due to their composition, Fiberglass windows remain stable with minimal expansion and contraction by weather and temperature changes. They will save you money on your heating bill and keep your home warmer. Additionally, the frame is exceptionally durable and maintenance-free. Fiberglass windows are not susceptible to warping, shrinking, swelling, corrosion, decay, or UV degradation, making them ideal for any climate. For better energy efficiency, look for Fiberglass windows that contain insulation inside their core rather than a hollow core. Fiberglass is even difficult to crack or break by accident and even during a weather event like high winds or tornadoes. These windows are an excellent choice for individuals with busy schedules, kids, or rental properties where window maintenance is hard to fit into their schedule or budget. 

More Secure

As the most durable kind of window frame, fiberglass windows are considered more secure. Some thieves can find their way through your windows by breaking the structure and finding a way around the glass. Fiberglass windows take significantly more time and effort to breach and get around. The inside of your home will feel quieter, too, as the tight seal created by a manufactured fiberglass frame will improve soundproofing and can provide tranquility, even in the city.

How do fiberglass windows look?

Fiberglass windows can transform a dull space into a sleek and modern one with their exceptional design of clean lines, narrow profiles, and smooth surfaces. Most manufacturers allow you to choose your color directly from the factory and offer many choices. Should you decide to change your home’s style later, you can add wood to your fiberglass using glue and other products, so the look is highly flexible. Overall, their high performance, flexibility, and durability make them a much better value than their rival-vinyl windows. 

Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass is among the more environmentally friendly options for a window and frame. Fiberglass is of 80% sand, which is a very abundant resource that is also highly recyclable. Unless wood frame windows are made of recycled wood, fiberglass is one of the best options for living a green lifestyle.

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