Outdoor Patios with Kitchenettes

You might have seen it at your favorite restaurant and wondered, “what if I had this at my home too?” Outdoor patios are great by themselves but, if you add a kitchen as well, it brings it to a whole new level.


You could set up a bar, a few tables and chairs, and have your dining area for the warm summer nights that is perfect for having a few friends over for a house party. You could have the gas grill going and be able to make a feast without having to take a bunch of trips to the kitchen and back!
Your home will undoubtedly be the spot to hang out if you have an outdoor patio kitchen, but this is a big undertaking and requires some thoughtful planning and keeping a few essential things in mind to maintain it.


Planning it Out

Before you even begin setting up the area for your outdoor kitchen, you will have to plan some things out. Here’s a list of a few things you should plan to expect when taking on the task of putting a kitchen in your outdoor patio.

Location of Patio

First off, you’re going to have to think about where your patio is and plan your setup around that. It is outdoors, so you’re going to have to think about the wind factor and, if there are trees close by, where leaves and debris might be able to sneak into your space.

Leaves can be a real issue in an outdoor kitchen for cleanliness and a fire hazard. If you want to keep those leaves out, you should consider enclosing the sides where the wind might blow them onto a cooking surface.

Plus, if your existing patio is far away from the house, electricity might be an issue, and you’ll have to think about running underground electrical outlets to your outdoor kitchen appliances as well as any added lighting.



You’re more than likely going to want to decorate this place to make it cozy and inviting. Installing things like a kitchenette and maybe a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace could give your patio a lot of extra life.
Not to mention, if you’re planning to sell your home at some point, a lovely outdoor patio with a kitchen will increase your home value and be a great selling point!

Putting It Together

Putting together a step-by-step guide for your outdoor kitchen is easy if you have a clear vision of what you want. It’s best to outline the purpose of the patio and the kitchenette and list all your wants.


Is it a full-service kitchen with a sink, garbage disposal, refrigerator, grill, and a stove top? Or will a simple grill with some counter space suffice? All the appliances, lighting, and extra accessories such as a fire pit or a fireplace will need proper utilities such as a gas line or electric lines roughed in. Having a detailed drawing or professionally drawn out plans of your vision is not only an excellent investment but will also save you from redoing work that was already done not to your liking. With a solid plan and layout, appropriate gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines will be pulled where they need to go in the rough stage, so the finished product is clean and working efficiently.

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