Modern Floating Shower Bench

Homeowners view a floating bench as an essential element of a modern shower. Most note that aesthetics remains the only difference between a floating bench and a traditional one. They both carry out the same functionalities. Since a floating bench offers the same strength as a box-style bench, many people opt for the more modern feature that the floating bench provides. A bench proves to be a very convenient feature in a shower when you have plenty of space.

The benefits of a floating shower bench 


Some people choose to use the bench as a storage area. It keeps extra products that you need within easy reach. A floating bench gives you space to store products underneath and on top of the bench. In a large shower, floating benches hold towels.

Shower in style

Having a bench inside the shower makes your bathing space feel more like a spa or hotel shower than just a basic home shower. This spa-like environment makes your showers feel more relaxing and allow you to wash your stress away. 

Added convenience

The convenience of placing your leg up on the bench for shaving gives you an added perk as well as a safety feature. The bench offers a flat and stable surface for resting your foot. This highly accessible bench provides comfort and safety for those who require sitting down to take a shower. The floating bench makes an excellent feature for homes that belong to older adults or people who like to sit and relax while showering. 

Increased value 

When people shop for a house, they often look for extra features that their current home lacks. Adding a bench in your shower makes your home more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to move. 

How to install a floating shower bench 

Use mounting brackets or a pre-formed steel seat for the floating shower bench proves to be a very critical step. This creates a seamless look inside the framing and allows the seat to be completely sturdy. Some mounting brackets hold up to 640 pounds per bracket. This provides great peace of mind as you sit and relax in your shower. Hire a local building or construction company to help you install a bench in your shower. You can quickly install floating benches, so a company takes only one day for the task. Since installers need specific brackets for the installation, always work with a reputable company and ask what kind of supplies they use. 

How to design your floating bench 

A floating bench creates a focal point in your shower. Many designers and homeowners choose to use a different tile pattern for the bench to create an accent piece. Shower benches come in various shapes and sizes, meaning one fits your bathroom and unique style. Aesthetically speaking, a well-designed floating shower bench adds style to a shower.

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