Sleek Linear Drains For Showers, Pools, Patios and Beyond

What is a linear drain?

A linear drain is an elongated rectangular drain that is much longer than a traditional drain. Linear drains, with their sleek design, offer more advanced draining capabilities. When installed, they slope in one direction rather than in multiple directions. This sloping allows the water to drain more efficiently while containing a more streamlined appearance.

The benefits of a linear drain


The seamless design of linear drains allows for a flush install without any visual interference between the drain and the floor. Homeowners can place linear drains anywhere in the shower. However, along the sides or against the wall with only a single slope to follow turn out to be the most popular places. Since linear drains do not interrupt the tile flooring, they have a better appearance and fit any floor design.

Better tile size

Since linear drains usually use larger tiles and a single gradient, tiles will not have to be cut at odd and ugly angles to fit into the bathroom floor.

Easier Cleaning

Standard drains often get clogged easily, making regular drain cleaning necessary. Sometimes unique products or a plumber even needs to be called to get a standard drain working again.
Linear drains are extremely easy to clean because they include a debris basket. This basket collects hair, dirt, and other items. When cleaning the drain, the grate needs lifting and the debris removed. Wash the holder with soapy water and place it back under the grate.

Are linear drains suitable for walk-in showers?

A linear drain provides an ideal drain for walk-in showers because the continuous water movement through the drain becomes more effective in avoiding water backup.
For people who use wheelchairs or walking aids, a linear drain provides a perfect addition to the shower. With excellent draining, a person slips and falls less frequently while bathing.

How to get a linear drain installed 

Installing a linear drain must be specified in the rough stage of plumbing as the drain body is installed flush with the mortar bed before placing the finished flooring. As with any high-end project, this requires a skilled professional with experience installing these types of drains. Finding a contractor and a plumber experienced in linear drain installation is ideal.

Are linear drains only used in showers?

Aside from being used in shower stalls, linear drains increased in popularity in modern exteriors such as pool surrounds, balconies, patios, and driveways. Linear drains come in many designs and colors. Professional installers alter the length of some sizable drains on site. They can shorten or extend the drain easily. Outdoor linear drains give you easy maintenance as they come with a debris basket just like the shower drains. Linear drains with their modern design yield highly efficient performance.

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