Choosing the Right Chandelier for a Perfect Room Transformation

Using a chandelier as a finishing accessory takes a room from pleasant to stunning within minutes. When it comes to illuminating a space, your chandelier options look endless and overwhelming at the same time. However, buying the perfect chandelier does not have to be stressful. 

To make the decision a bit easier, think of the purpose the chandelier serves. Is it an accent light? An ambient light? Or will it set the mood or improve the versatility of the space? 
These few questions help you explore the endless number of chandeliers available to you. Consider a few rules of thumb when picking out a new chandelier.


What are some factors I should consider when choosing a chandelier?

Everyone gravitates toward style first but before committing to a specific chandelier style, consider the decor of the space the chandelier goes in.  
Is your room full of architectural pieces? Then a classic and elegant chandelier complements the decor nicely. 
Is your main area minimal with classy furniture? Then a large crystal chandelier takes center stage and becomes the focal point. 

Is your home contemporary? Then you play with a mixture of looks as long as the transition remains subtle. For example, if your kitchen island features crystal pendants, an elegant hanging crystal chandelier over the dining room table ties the two pieces together in a tasteful manner. 
Also, consider the design and spacing in your home. If your space feels open and the rooms flow into each other, it’s essential to keep the look consistent. You do not have to select the same style or collection of chandeliers, but choosing a similar finish makes the pieces complement each other. 
You can create a unique vibe based on the lighting you choose. Selecting a look that fits the overall décor of your entire home proves to be a crucial decision.

The benefits of decorating with chandeliers 

Homeowners consider chandeliers a classy, elegant décor piece. A chandelier makes your overall room appearance fancier and more expensive. 
They save floor space because chandeliers offer better lighting from the ceiling. Floor lamps and lamp wires take up much-needed space and create an unsafe situation for pets and children. 


Another benefit of ceiling fixtures is that chandeliers preserve the integrity of your walls. They do not require drilling like standard light structures. 
The lighting offered by chandeliers feels warmer than lighting offered from more contemporary lighting fixtures. This gives you a great way to make your living space seem cozier and inviting. 
Aside from aesthetics, chandeliers seem to be a significant investment that makes or breaks a space. For this reason, you should think and plan before purchasing. A home designer or an experienced contractor proves to be helpful when you choose the perfect chandelier for your spaces. 

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