Modern Cabinetry and Their Design Elements

Since their inception, modern cabinets have been trendy and in high demand throughout Europe; however, their emergence within the United States has been slower. Traditional cabinetry with plain or decorative panels has always occupied a space in most homes, domestic and abroad, and will never be a thing of the past. However, modern cabinetry is an outstanding option for those looking for something more luxurious yet simplified.

Modern Kitchen Cabinetry

Modern Cabinetry versus Traditional
What distinguishes a modern kitchen from a traditional one is sleek lines and flush appearances that highlight the beauty of the material in its purest form. Laminates are a common material used for modern cabinetry. Today’s latest innovations and advancements in technology have created some of the most physically and mechanically durable laminates that can withstand the test of time.
Europe has been at the forefront of creating these exotic panels that transform any space into a great work of art. Prestigious companies in Italy and Spain with leading-edge technology in the field of laminates have been supplying the world with an abundance of options, colors, and finishes. Solid colors in glossy or matte finishes, sophisticated wood grains and burnt wood effects, playful geometric textures and leather finishes, bold concrete looks and elaborate stucco impressions, or artsy fabrics and daring metal looks are just a few ways of bringing uniqueness and character to a kitchen.

Advantages of Modern Cabinetry
The possibilities of modern cabinetry are virtually endless and destined to satisfy the pickiest individuals looking for something aside from the ordinary. Upscale modern cabinets are custom designed and built with space and functionality in mind. Drawer sizes are unconventional, typically more extensive, more profound, and entirely customizable to use the area effectively while keeping the design sleek and trendy. Key features such as push-to-open drawers and doors, drawer inside a drawer, and easy pull-out racks are all added luxuries that make a modern kitchen desirable.

Disadvantages of Modern Cabinetry
High-end modern cabinetry come with a more significant price tag. Also, one of the biggest challenges of installing modern cabinetry in the U.S is the lack of skilled carpenters familiar with the product, the construction, and the installation of this sophisticated material. They are custom built with precise measurements that require particular skill and attention to detail for flawless construction. For such accuracy, every piece of the cabinet is cut using a CNC machine, known for its laser-sharp precision and perfect edge cuts. A professional modern kitchen designer would be ideal for providing a design suitable for your space using modern cabinetry material. Once the plan is approved, a skilled carpenter with ample experience installing modern cabinetry will take the measurements and the material to a CNC machine for final cutting. The install process also requires finesse and diligence to deliver a finished product that is impeccable in design and artistry.
The best way to find the right carpenter for the job is to source the material you would like to use for your project; then, contact the manufacturer or the distributor to put you in touch with an installer who has been purchasing and installing their material.

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