Two-Tone kitchens: Mixing Cabinet Textures and Colors

Modern cabinetry exudes a stunning facade, but for some, they may appear too stark at times. A charming way of spicing up a modern kitchen is by mixing cabinet textures.
One sophisticated way of achieving this look is by making the island the main focus and the rest of the kitchen a rather profound toned-down backdrop. This is a subtle way of introducing color or perhaps a more bold texture to the mix without compromising the kitchen’s sleek design.
Mixing cabinet textures can be playful yet remain elegant. Using colors and textures that complement each other is the key to achieve the most optimum results. 
It’s best to use a solid texture and avoid mixing multiple surfaces within the same cabinetry realm. Isolating bold colors and unique textures within their own space bring charm to an otherwise polished kitchen. Above, you can see how some colors and textures complement each other while still maintaining elegance.

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet Textures

Don’t be afraid to let your creative side come out when it comes to your kitchen design. Some of the best strategies start from a simple idea that transpires into an entire kitchen space redesign. You want your home and your kitchen to reflect your personality; allowing different cabinet textures to blend will make your space pop.
Mixing-kitchen Cabinet-Textures-and-ColorsWhen choosing to add matching and contrasting design textures, you begin to open up your kitchen and allow the different approaches to assist you with your plans. Perhaps a simple metal cabinet base, mixed with some classic wood elements, is what will complete the look you are looking for. Choosing a matte finish on your kitchen cabinets with stainless appliances is another minimalist approach to a sleek kitchen design. Both of these examples can give your entire kitchen an architectural flair. 

Other combinations that work well together when mixing cabinet textures are:

  • Stone and Stainless steel
  • Brick and Wood
  • Rustic and Modern
  • Vintage and Traditional

Since the kitchen is typically the focal point in a home, you’ll want to express your sense of design in the best way possible. Mixing cabinet textures and tastefully combining different materials throughout the entire space is one way of accomplishing that. 

Mixing Cabinet Textures and ColorsExplore and Restore 

If you’re hoping to keep your existing wood kitchen cabinets but want to give your kitchen a makeover, there is nothing more satisfying than restoring old wooden kitchen cabinets. You can sand them down and then choose the desired color of paint you want to bring your kitchen back to life. But don’t just stop with a fresh new coat of paint; consider adding or changing all the knobs on your cabinets to a different look as well. 
And when you’re considering the color scheme, think about mixing your colors so that individual elements stand out. Two-tone kitchens have picked up traction in the last decade in contemporary designs. Choosing the right two colors for top and bottom that go together is an excellent way of setting your kitchen apart from the ordinary. 
When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, the possibilities become endless when you allow your personality and creativity to take the driver’s seat in your kitchen remodel.   


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