Beach Entry Pools : Tropical Vacation in Your Own Backyard

A beach entry pool, also known as a zero-entry pool, is when a gradual slope transitions from land to water without any steps until you descend halfway into the pool.

The benefits of beach entry pools

Visually appealing

The slope that these pools exhibit make every pool look like it belongs at a resort. The tile and stonework are also more visible, making the pool highly attractive. 

Easily Accessible

Aside from being highly attractive, the most significant advantage of installing a beach entry pool is that small children and the elderly can easily access the pool. 
Shallow water at the entry is warm, which is perfect for small children to enjoy with comfort. It also puts the parent’s minds at ease because there is no fear of the children falling or getting hurt on the steps. Older adults with disabilities can also enjoy the pool without the limitations of entering and exiting the pool.

Sunbathe like you’re at the beach

Sunbathing sections can be easily incorporated and installed with the slope of the pool. The design allows you to sunbathe either directly in the pool or right next to the water. This makes it much easier to stay cool during hot summer days.
If your pool area is small, adding the sunbathing section is also perfect for maximizing space. There is no need for an excessive number of chairs or lounge beds near the pool. 

Feel like you’re on vacation

Make the most out of your pool space by adding plants and other ocean-like features near the pool. With the beach entry and beach accessories, you will feel more inclined to lay by your pool rather than head to the nearest public pool or shoreline. 
Some people even go the extra mile and get saltwater pools. This way you won’t miss the beach at all. Saltwater pools are also better for skin and hair; therefore, saltwater is a great added feature if you often swim. 

Many design options available

Beach entry pools can also get a sandy shore feature. They can also be finished with natural stone or other pool tile options. Pebbled textures are considered better for older people or young children as they add a higher traction element. Your beach entry pool can be highly personalized and unique to match your home no matter what you choose. These luxury pools come with a sizable price tag, as not many pool contractors are familiar with the technology of building a gradual slope. Another significant disadvantage of beach entry pools is that the progressive slop design requires ample space to execute. More area means more material, and more material translates into the added cost in both supply and labor. 

Overall, though, the added cost and safety features are well worth it. Beach entry pools are trendy and give the backyard.

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