Stylish and unique ceiling designs that Capture Interest

Stylish and unique ceiling designs are the latest home remodeling trend that can bring attention to the room. In most homes, drywall is installed over the ceiling joists, and the finished drywall is painted white without any further attention to the forgotten “fifth wall.” 
However, in recent years, designer ceilings have become the new focal point, creating a visual delight that can transform any room from indistinctive to a luxurious masterpiece.

Stylish and unique ceiling designs that Capture Interest

How can I choose the best ceiling design for my home?

If you are looking for a unique architectural effect, consider adding a vivid detail on your ceilings, such as a painted design or a medallion. If you adore simplicity, then opt for an elegant touch of coffered ceilings. 
If your taste is more traditional, try matching the ceiling with the walls by incorporating a color within the palette underneath. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls (or even one shade lighter) can make the room feel much more extensive. 

Decorative wood moldings are inexpensive but can add just the right amount of extra flare. Painting them a bright color can also add a much-needed pop to draw the focus towards the ceiling. 
Adorning your ceilings in carefully selected areas of your home is very trendy and will give your space character and a unique artistic feel that one can’t find in any other home.

Stylish and unique ceiling designs that Capture Interest

Decorating tips

Cool color designs will make things seem to recede or further away, while a warm color palette will make the room seem smaller. Consider the size of your room when choosing colors. 
While a bright-colored ceiling is fun and creative, it can make a room look cheap if not done right. Try to match a few other things in the room with the ceiling color. For example, using small items such as couch pillows, flower vases, or photo frames could do the trick. This will make it look like you chose that color with a purpose and show that you put much thought into decorating. 
Consider using a ceiling paint finish as well. An eggshell or satin finish paint can help brighten the color, even when using darker shades. They also help hide surface flaws. 

Key ideas

Since the ceiling is such a large surface area and can change the house’s whole appearance, hiring a designer would be very beneficial. They can help you decide which colors and which pieces would work best. They are also accustomed to working with all types of houses with a wide variety of budgets. If you are a more do it yourself type, there are some great online resources to help you decorate. Self-decorators often use Pinterest to help them gain ideas. From designer coffered ceilings to innovative murals and intricate woodworks, the choices for decorating a ceiling are endless. Adding color, depth, and texture to the ceiling draws visual interest upwards without compromising any space. In general, enhancing your ceiling can help you make your home unique and maximize visual space. 

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