Vinyl vs. Rubber Baseboards, which would you Choose?

Baseboards are a part of the home that most people do not think about at all. But they can provide the necessary protection for your walls. When deciding which baseboards you want to install for your residence, you have the conventional options such as MDF, the least expensive, and wood, the most costly depending on the species of wood you choose. A couple of unconventional options are vinyl and rubber. Let’s look at the differences between both to see why each is a fantastic option for your home.

What are the Differences Between Vinyl and Rubber Wall Baseboards?

Rubber and vinyl are not the same. Vinyl is not as durable as rubber, and if it is abused over time, it is more likely to crack or curl up a bit. Vinyl is also harder to clean than rubber, so if you are worried about the baseboards getting dirty often, you may want to go with rubber overall.

However, there are some benefits to using vinyl as well. Vinyl mats will be more resistant to chemical absorption than rubber, so they will not run into issues if things are dropped on the covers. They also offer more colors, so if you need a specific color option, then the vinyl options are better.

The Benefits of Vinyl Wall Baseboards

There are several benefits to choosing vinyl baseboards in your home. Some of these include:
●     The cost: These baseboards are very affordable. They are offered at a lower price because they are ordered in mass quantity. If you need an inexpensive option, these are it.
●     Easy installation: These are easy to install compared to the other options. Even when the property has hard angles, these are easy to work with.
●     Durable: They may not be quite as durable as the rubber options, but vinyl can last a long time, even in high traffic areas.
●     Easy to replace: If you need to replace the baseboards, vinyl is pretty straightforward to work with. You take them off and press in a new strip.
●     Simple style: The style is simple and easy to work with, no matter what you like.

The Benefits of Rubber Wall Baseboards

If you are on the fence about which types of baseboards to use, consider looking into rubber baseboards. They have many great benefits, including:

●     Cleanliness: These baseboards are very easy to clean because the surface is non-porous, and they will not attract dirt or liquids. You can use any cleaning liquid to wipe down the surface easier.
●     Excellent protection on the wall: If you need extra security on your walls, rubber wall baseboards are the best option.
●     Last a long time: Rubber baseboards can last for a very long time.

Which One Should I Choose?

The choice will depend on what you need for your home or business. If you need something that will last a long time and can take a good deal of abuse while being easy to clean, you should choose the rubber baseboards. However, if you need something that is more affordable and adds more style, then the vinyl options can be a fantastic option.

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