Whole House Water Filtration and Softening System

What is water filtration, and what is hard water?

Whole house water filters or filtration systems remove contaminants from the water by first trapping and converting the existing pollutants and removing them through backwashing. On the other hand, water softeners remove all the calcium and magnesium elements that cause hard water using salt and ion-exchange resins.
When the sodium-coated resin beads contact the hard water, the calcium and magnesium elements or minerals migrate to the resin beads’ active sites, and sodium ions replace them.

Should I get a water filtration system?

In today’s day and age, water filtration and softening systems make an excellent investment for the benefit of you and your family because of their efficiency, affordability, and longevity. If you live with anybody else, especially children, or even if you live alone, whole house water filtration turns out to be the way to go! It helps eliminate any contaminants and allows for clean water, whether to drink or for general use.

How does whole house water filtration work?

An ideal whole house water system filters water effectively by removing the contaminants in the water and eliminates hard water by removing calcium and magnesium elements. The combination of a water filtration tank, a water softening tank, and a salt container provide the best way to achieve this objective.
When you install a whole house water filtration and softening system, you get many advantages. This system ensures that purified water runs from every faucet in the home. The system eliminates the harmful effects of hard water and scale buildup and gives water free of chlorine, bacteria, and iron staining.
Remember that you need to leave an exterior water spout salt-free for watering plants when installing a water softening system. If you fail to do this and grow plants in your home’s outer part, you will have to shut off the water filtration system every time you need to water your plants. When you install a house water filtration system, you want to eliminate any adverse effects, including the inability to water your plants properly.

Are there salt-free systems that replace water softening systems?

Many salt-free systems have emerged in the marketplace to replace water softening systems. They claim that they remove all the contaminants as well as hard water. However, calcium and magnesium elements remain in the water, the minerals that hard water leaves behind. Therefore, salt-free systems provide an excellent alternative for people who do not have hard water. However, if your primary concern requires removing hard water, a salt-water system turns out to be your best choice.

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