The Best Storage Ideas for a Childs Playroom

The Best Storage Ideas for a Child’s Playroom

Children are notoriously unorganized, and who can blame them? There is so much going on within their developing minds that the last thing they are considering is the best way to arrange their toys. So that’s where you come in! 

We have compiled a list of the best ways to keep your child’s playroom organized and the products to help. We always need more storage! It doesn’t take a lot of effort for things to start looking like a miniaturized war zone, but with a bit of foresight and playroom storage ideas, you will be able to cut down on the amount of clutter that can overtake their room. 

The Best Storage Ideas for a Childs PlayroomPurge Old Toys

The first step in creating extra storage space in a playroom is to eliminate broken toys and old toys they no longer play with. This might be something you have to do when the kids aren’t around because they will try to keep all the toys. There’s no doubt that they may be attached to many of them, but if they are no longer playable, there’s no point in storing old toys even when they claim they “absolutely love” them. Go through the entire room and determine which toy cars and bigger toys are the most important to them. Let them decide if they want to donate toys to other kids to involve them in the purging process.

Keep Popular Toys Within Reach and Easy AccessThe Best Storage Ideas for a Childs Playroom

The next step is to keep kids’ toys and games within their grasp; that way, they can reach them without knocking everything else over. It also means that they can learn to put things away independently, reducing the time you need to clean up the after-party. This is also good for new toys they play with frequently – for now anyway!
Colorful bins with easy-to-grab handles will make cleaning up a breeze for organizing toys, especially for durable toys. Then, they can dump out the storage bins and toss them all back inside when they are done playing. If you want to get creative, you can arrange toy-type by bin color for better organization in the kids’ playroom. Storage baskets, woven baskets, or wicker baskets are great for stuffed animals and other plush items that display well. See-through storage boxes are great for young kids who don’t know how to read labels just yet, and colorful toys will stand out easily.

Use a Cart for Art Supplies

Kids love to craft, whether it be popsicle stick houses or Play-Doh monsters. Having one spot for all of their craft supplies will keep things together and reduce the number of times you step on that capless tube of fingerpaint (we can’t promise that it will never happen again). Using an art cart with wheels makes it easier to move around the house, so you can quickly shift their art supplies outside for the messier projects. Carts are great because they are easily accessible and can hold all sorts of small items like chalk paint, crayons, and more. And because the art doesn’t always take place in the playroom, but also the kitchen or other part of the house. Carts are great for keeping a tidy home.

Wall Storage and CabinetsThe Best Storage Ideas for a Childs Playroom

The more vertical the space, the better it is for storing toys. Wall and storage shelves are a great way to keep books, and action figures, as long as they are low enough for your kids to reach. Also, having all of their books in one place will make those bedtime stories more effortless. As you won’t be peering under beds and dirty laundry trying to find that favorite book (though we’re sure you have them repetitiously memorized by now!) The more toy storage on the wall, the better for open play areas and floor space.

Storage Cabinets and HutchesThe Best Storage Ideas for a Childs Playroom

Hidden storage in shelving units or built-in storage is the best way to organize toys and don’t get a lot of use, like seasonal toys. Having certain toys out-of-sight and out-of-mind can save you the headache of trying to reason with your child when it’s 20° out, and they want to throw water balloons. Plus, it keeps the playroom clutter-free.
As a juxtaposition between the storage boxes we talked about and an out-of-sight-out-of-mind philosophy, you can use tall hutches or a shelving unit to create organization while saving floor space. Few things are more pleasing to the eye than opening up a storage cabinet and seeing row upon row of neatly organized baskets.  
Whether you use labels or colorful bins to separate small toys, hutches are an excellent way to create more space while maximizing toy organization. With its adjustable height shelves, you can turn an Ikea cabinet into a toy room haven (make sure to have it professionally secured to the wall) without a lot of extra costs.
You could take the doors off for floor-level cabinets, creating a car garage, or an alternative place for book storage. If you leave the doors on for taller cabinets, you can use these to give another space for hanging art and other creations. You can store the toys that get the most use on the bottom levels, well within reach. Reserve the top for ‘adult supervision’ toys like board games or those with small parts and extra storage.

Do What’s Best for Your Kids Room

You want to go with the storage options that make the most sense for your kid’s room at the end of the day when it comes to kids’ playroom storage. For example, if you have a smaller space to work with, the focus should be on storage that hides, whether cabinets with doors, toy chests, or under-the-bed pull-out bins. If you have multiple children, giving them their corners of the room to organize their toys might cut down on arguments when it comes time to clean. 
It’s also important to consider how the space will function as they grow up and choose furniture that will still be useful a few years down the road. Bench storage is also a great option if you need some seating areas and an alternative to organizing by the individual child. It’s all about creating your favorite playroom design and storing items smartly with the available space.

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