Open Up the Door to the Great Outdoors: Integrated Door Systems

Having a bit of the outdoors indoors proves to be one of the modern age’s significant assets. With a moving glass wall or door, you move freely from indoors to outdoors and enjoy the best of both worlds when entertaining and integrating two spaces.
You’ve probably seen these doors in restaurants, bars, and other public spaces where a patio complements the indoor seating area. But have you thought about incorporating them into your home?

Open Floor Plan

Several companies offer fully integrated door systems with screens and shades that fold up from the floor to the ceiling and let your living or cooking area expand into the outdoors. You have the capability of hosting more people and moving freely from your kitchen to your serving area.
Homeowners enjoy the amenities of open floor plans. They help you feel like you have more space even when you might have a smaller house. With a fully integrated door system, you enjoy twice the size of your dining or living area as it expands into the outdoor space.

Open Up the Door to the Great Outdoors: Integrated Door Systems
Open Up the Door to the Great Outdoors: Integrated Door Systems

Enjoy the View

If you happen to live in a part of the world with a fantastic view, using glass folding or sliding doors helps get that view right in front of your face. You’ll enjoy panoramic views and be able to see everything in your yard more clearly with glass folding doors.

Best of the Outdoors

Your outdoor spaces deserve some attention too! When you incorporate an integrated door system in your home, you utilize your outdoor areas more effectively. If you lack the time needed to add an outdoor kitchen, you can use your indoor kitchen to serve in your outdoor space without worrying about the door. While it seems like a minor consideration, you’ll soon be thanking your lucky stars when your hands are full, and you can walk seamlessly from indoors to outside!

Open Up the Door/ Integrated Door Systems
Open up the door to the great outdoors: integrated door systems

Section your Home

Integrated door systems separate your home into smaller sections that create adequate private spaces without putting up solid walls. Your rooms continue to feel like part of the cohesive structure without isolating individuals within your home.


While they provide excellent views, these systems don’t offer much in the way of insulation as they’re made mostly of glass. Using them within your home provides some privacy and intimacy but won’t keep you warm when the snowfalls. If the glass doors are left open when connected to the outside, dirt, bugs, and debris quickly find their way into your home.


Installing a moving glass wall or integrated door system gives you several different options that transform your home from a regular dwelling into a hosting highlight. You’ll get the most out of your outdoor spaces and create more private and intimate places within the grand scheme of your home.

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