All you Need to Know About Spools

Although they come in on the small side, spool pools have a lot to offer to you and your landscape. These pools are loaded with features; after all, they blend a “spa” and a “pool.” In general, spool pools are no larger than 16’x 8′ and make a great addition to your backyard if you’re looking to save on space and cost that a regular swimming pool would consume.

What Makes Spool So Special?

Saves your Space

No matter how vast or small of a spool you go with, it will be an excellent addition to your yard. Real estate is not cheap, so spools blend small-size benefits with extensive functionality to make the best use of your precious landscape. Not only do they come in a small size, but they are designed to bring visual interest to the space they occupy.


If you want the best of both worlds, but your wallet can’t take the hit, a spool is a perfect solution. Spools exhibit the best features of regular swimming pools and spas, and bring them right at home in your backyard.

Variable Temperature

Unlike a regular swimming pool, you can benefit from a refreshing dip in a spool year-round! Like spas, you can set your spool’s thermostat at an appropriate temperature for the season. Crank it up for a calming spa experience or set the dial lower to enjoy a refreshing swim on a hot summer’s day.

Robust Jets

If you are into water aerobic exercises, swim against the spool’s powerful jets’ flow to get the most out of your swim. Swimming against the current will allow you to swim in place in the size-restricted pool and get the perfect workout, even on a cold winter’s day! These jets maximize the resourcefulness of the spool’s size and bring the benefits directly to you.

Versatile and Beautiful

The spool’s versatility is not only limited to personal use, but it also can be a lovely addition to any landscape. They come in various shapes and sizes designed to make the pool/spa experience an inviting one.


Typical swimming pools require daily maintenance that can prove to be tiresome. No longer will you have to spend hours sweeping leaves out of your spool. Spools require far less maintenance so that you can spend more time relaxing.

In Summary

Recent years have seen a popularity spike in pool-related goods and services, but why would you spend all the money required for a pool and a spa if you can only use it during the summertime? Spools offer year-round comfort stemming from design features that target all-season use. Although they come in a small package but don’t let that fool you, spools exhibit user-rich attributes that perfect for any day of the year. Spools make the ideal addition to anyone’s real estate and will have your neighbors lining up for a refreshing soak.

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