The Radical Change up of 2022 Interior Design

It’s time to say goodbye to monotony and hello to sustainability and color. This year is shaping up to be rich with unique individuality and bold self-expression.

The Radical Changeup of 2022 Interior DesignThe trends of the past focused on Scandinavian simplicity and modern minimalism. These inclinations were all about a sparse, medically clean space filled with a hyper-awareness to the lack of color. Almost edging on fearful design, these styles played out like replications of one another, echoing in a slightly off-kilter chasm, reproducing nearly imperceptible differences.
Fortunately, the days of living in a sterile vacuum seem to be over as we come into 2022. As if seeing color for the first time, this new approach to design is overwhelming the senses in a feast of visual delight. Wherever the eyes land, there’s another overflowing plate to devour, and we have been starving. Let your imagination run free this year as we dive into retro design, pastel palette cleansers, and say au revoir to minimalist fasting.

The Radical Changeup of 2022 Interior DesignSaying Goodbye to Minimalism

With years of minimalist modern style slowly backing away, the interior design scene is now focused on adding more color and individuality. The sparse black and white story that minimalism tells has become old news, and the trend is focused on creating an inviting sanctuary that beckons warmth, comfort, and contrast.

This bold eclecticism is a welcome reprieve from the white-on-white palette of Ikea-saturated yesteryears. Striking a beautiful chord with those who prefer more than a light touch of color, there’s no limit to the possibilities as we venture into 2022. Wild floral wallpaper paired with a royal blue floor-ceiling bookcase, nestled behind an olive-green suede sofa and gold end table, creates a Matties-inspired living room. These are the inspirations we have been yearning for and can finally act out with acceptance.

While the minimalist design has its time and place, we feel a universal calling to create a more naturally inspired and vivid homescape. Let’s bring some of that natural world indoors with colors and patterns that appreciate the untamed cohesion between the many natural elements that make up our bold and beautiful reality.

The Radical Changeup of 2022 Interior DesignModern Farmhouse meets Mid-Century Avant-Basic

Farmhouse style has its unique chapter in the interior design world, coming from a place of homely comfort and rustic style. So easy to shop for, you can find these pieces everywhere, from weekend flea markets to high-end design stores. But when one thing goes on unchanged for too long, the viewer becomes restless. In 2022, we welcome a commingling of Farmhouse with Avant Basic, the trend taking over social media with its pastels, patterns, and curvy shapes.

Considered a maximalist design, the story here is one of visual abundance -a collection of highly dynamic situations all brought together under one roof. This layered masterpiece involves a fearlessness to be bold and incorporates colors that dance from one end of the spectrum to the other, grabbing bold patterns and lush fabrics to finish off the look.

The glue holding this eclectic style together is the application of pattern-heavy wallpaper. For those who aren’t looking for a weekend project, stick-and-peel will become your new best friend. To do this right, focus on wavy designs and stay away from recognizable shapes, and do so in dynamic, contrasting pastels. Then, pair your paper with mustard yellow furniture, baby pink accent walls, and soft blue cabinets for the ultimate Farmhouse-meets-Avant Basic approach.

Embracing Retro StyleThe Radical Changeup of 2022 Interior Design

The 70s are back, baby! The Retro Home design style is popping up all over the place, from influencer homes to interior design magazine covers. The flare for the wild, bold, and geometric is sweeping the new year, and you will find plenty of throwbacks in the colors, patterns, and eclectic pieces.

This nostalgic yearning for design elements that stand out has resulted in a colorful display of rich purples, soft velvet upholstery, and a bold mix of metallic accent pieces. Rattan reading chairs settled next to a lush violet love seat, coupled with curvy coffee tables and brass overhead lighting, set the stage for this year’s disco-vibes comeback. Don’t forget the upgraded hardware when redesigning a space, as this will put the finishing touches on your beautiful new design. Polished nickel and aged brass go with 70s revival like the Bee Gees and Marvin Gaye.The Radical Changeup of 2022 Interior Design

When it comes to color, imagine burnt orange, deep purple, avocado green, and sunrise yellow. Paired with natural wood, this relaxing but uplifting color palette creates the perfect mood for unwinding as well as entertaining. In addition, vintage accent pieces are invited into modern homes, and the yin-yang of these two styles creates a charming balance.

The Radical Changeup of 2022 Interior DesignComing Back to the Natural World

We say, “coming back,” but have we really ever left? While natural stone can be seen in countertops throughout the modern design, the trends of 2022 have us fully embracing all things natural. Objects made from vein-streaked marble, raw natural wood, and organic, earthy elements like clay are on-trend for 2022.
As ecologically friendly and sustainable methods continue to be embraced, there’s an awakening to the detrimental effects of fast-industry products. These products are created using manufactured synthetics and end up in landfills after a few short years of use due to their low quality and inability to be recycled. These lamps, tables, chairs, beds, etc., do not offer the unique style or durability that designers can find in custom-made goods using natural products.
The trend for 2022 is to utilize authentic, handmade, and naturally based interior objects to create a home full of individuality and sustainable materials. We no longer want to walk into a home that looks like a hundred other homes we have been inside. As the work-from-home movement has settled and we are spending more time in these spaces, the drive for a comfortable and unique environment has risen.
The current opinion is that faux-anything, whether plants, chairs, or finishes, feels tacky and insincere. It lacks the attention to detail that is inseparable from genuine interior design. In an age of social media influence, the trend is to stand apart from the rest and imbue a house with dynamic features that will stand the test of time.

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