Building a Backyard Gazebo

Gazebos are a great statement piece for any backyard and will provide a good source of shade during those hot summer afternoons. Having a comfortable space to hang out with your friends and family while enjoying the outdoors is the number one reason gazebos are rising in popularity. These covered outdoor structures are open on all sides and allow in the cooling breeze while giving protection from the sun’s harmful rays. With so many styles, designs, and sizes, there’s a gazebo perfect for every backyard!

When building a gazebo, you have three options: Constructing one yourself, hiring a contractor, or purchasing a kit. Each has its positives and negatives, and weighing these options will help you determine the best course of action. That said, unless you are an experienced contractor, your best bet is to hire someone to build it for you or purchase a kit.

Building a Backyard GazeboBuild, Buy, or Hire?

For many people, the idea of building their own gazebo sounds like a rewarding experience. You are working with your hands, creating something from nothing, spending your days outdoors, and proudly displaying your handiwork to your friends and family. But building a gazebo is no easy undertaking, and there are many factors to consider before you start.

Season for Construction

If you are planning construction during the harsh summer or winter months, those long days of manual labor will seem to drag on forever. However, if you are building your own, it’s best to start in the spring or fall, when the weather is more agreeable.


The next thing to consider is your set of tools. Do you have everything you need to finish the project, or will you need to make additional investments in your tool collection? For example, if you are building a gazebo without a kit, you need to measure and cut all the materials. Then comes staining, painting, and protecting the wood from the elements and age. Again, there are a lot of different tools, skills, and experience needed for such a large undertaking.

Building a Backyard GazeboPrior Experience

Lastly, your construction experience will play a significant role in whether you have the skills needed for this project. If you are a YouTube DIYer, you can certainly learn along the way, but this will add a lot of time to the project, and you may need to go back and fix mistakes.

Depending on where you live and your structure’s specifications, you may also need to receive building permits that involve detailed architectural renderings. This will require research on building codes, creating architectural drawings, and trips to your local building department.

Hiring Help

For most people, it is cheaper and easier in the long run to hire a contractor to do the work for you. Together, you can design the plans, discuss the personal touches, and they can handle all the paperwork and manual labor. This is the easiest route and the most time-saving, but it will be more costly than building your own.

Building a Backyard GazeboBefore Construction Begins

If you have decided to build your gazebo, a lot of work will go into it before the first nail is hammered in. So one of the best pieces of advice I could give you would be to consult professionals beforehand to learn some tips and tricks. This will save you time and effort and stop you from needing to work backward to deal with any mistakes.

A building contractor will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do before starting. They can also help you figure out the paperwork needed to receive building permits. Reaching out to a landscaper will give insight into which plants will work best to help reduce pests. Finally, an electrician (if you plan to have electricity) will inform you how to connect your gazebo to the power grid safely.

Building Your Gazebo

If you are building your gazebo from a kit rather than from scratch, then most experience DIYers can handle the workload. You often don’t need specialized tools, as most of the material will be cut for you, and the additional materials and plans are relatively easy to find and create. You will need to research the laws regarding building codes, but this can be figured out with a trip to your local building department.

By building your own, you can reduce costs by as much as 50%, as you won’t have to pay for manual labor or the additional expenses that come with hiring professionals. Still, it’s good to reach out for consultations to help make your project run more smoothly.

Building a Backyard GazeboChoosing the Right Gazebo Kit

Choosing the suitable kit comes down to size, design, budget, and how much work you want to do to assemble your gazebo.

Size: The size of your gazebo will depend on the size of your yard and how you plan to use it. A standard 8-foot X 8-foot structure will fit in most small and medium-sized backyards and provide an intimate place to hang out and relax. A larger 12-foot X 12-foot gazebo is perfect for those who love to host parties, as a long table, hot tub, or outdoor seating area can all fit comfortably within.

Budget: Gazebo kits come in a wide range of prices, depending on the size and design. For example, a semi-permanent structure that is easy to assemble but lacks finer detail will cost $400 – $500. A large, ornate, and permanent structure can cost $10,000. For standard gazebo kits (8-foot to 10-foot), you can spend anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. The prices will increase for additional customization, such as screens, benches, and architectural detailing. But because you are building this kit yourself, you are saving on the labor costs of hiring professionals.

Time: Most permanent gazebo kits can be built over a weekend, taking about 10 hours of construction time. Because the materials are cut for you, all you must do is put them together. If you are building a semi-permanent structure, this can be done with one person in a few hours. But if you are building a permanent structure, you will need an extra set of hands to help with some of the assembly.

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