Wall-Mounted Toilets

Designers love the sleek design and space-saving compactness of wall-hung or wall-mounted toilets. These elegant yet understated floating commodes eliminate the need for a clunky water tank. Their unique design makes the bathroom appear larger while showing off the floor tile rather than your toilet basin.

Fully Functional

The plumbing and working parts make these units aesthetically pleasing. The concealed parts mount behind the wall in a lightweight carrier. The wall carrier holds all the plumbing and attaches to the drain inside the wall. Manufacturers offer wall carriers in two different dimensions to accommodate either a two × four or a two × six framing. 
Installation involves anchoring the floating bowl into the drywall and to the wall carrier. Next, the installer removes the flush wall plate to access the carrier’s flush system, allowing future service. The drain inside the wall provides easy access. Better yet, an access panel affords a way to better service the toilet.


Installing in a Remodel

Installing a wall-hung toilet in a remodel requires moving the drain from the floor to the inside of the wall, canceling the floor drain, and covering the floor back up. A wall opening of 3 feet high by 2 feet wide provides framing for installing the carrier. New drywall covers the completed installation. Although this sizable investment requires much effort, the reward, you reap the fantastic outcome of having one of these luxurious units in your bathrooms. 

Premium Price for Premium Product

Aside from the cost of the professional installation, wall-hung toilets come at a premium price. Manufacturers sell each of the components, such as the wall carrier, the bowl, and the flush plate, separately. Also, certain wall carriers work only with specific toilet brands. When purchasing the entire system, ensure that all the components work together. 

Luxury always comes at a price and requires more work than the standard. Wall-mounted or wall-hung toilets cost more than traditional or conventional toilets, but they warrant a higher price. These luxurious toilets offer you more as a consumer than a normal, regular, standard toilet does. 

Remember that anything worth having comes at a price. These toilets, with their sleek, chic design, provide a unique piece for your home. They truly stand out compared to any other toilets out there on the market. You know this and every guest that sets foot in your home thinks this as well. 

If your guests visit one room in your home, every guest of yours visits the restroom. When they see this luxurious, premium wall-mounted toilet, they will certainly think of you differently. The little things truly matter, and this wall-hung toilet provides a detail that you and your guests remember for a long time.

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