Motorized Shades

Motorized shades, or automatic roller shades, provide privacy and natural light with the simple click of a button. Motorized shades feature a powerful motor. Depending on the brand you choose, some motors offer quieter operation than others. They come in either battery-operated or hardwired options.

Battery-Operated Motorized Shades

The most significant disadvantage of having battery-operated shades turns out to be replacing the batteries themselves to keep using the blinds. While some manufacturers quote a one-year life expectancy of the battery, others quote three years or more. The basis for this figure allows for the blinds to go up and down once per day. With some manufacturers, battery replacement requires you to remove the entire shade. In comparison, others require only the fascia to be removed to replace the battery. Before purchasing battery-operated shades, consider these factors when making your selection.

However, you can also consider the purchase of a battery charger to help you with battery-operated shades. This way, you invest in your motorized shades in two different ways. By purchasing a charger for your batteries, you use and reuse your batteries. That way, you save money long-term by not having to buy brand new batteries every time your batteries die. Then, your motorized shades provide you with the most bang for your buck!

Hardwired Motorized Shades

On the other hand, hardwired shades eliminate the need for both batteries and cords. All the shades go up and down synchronously. Conversely, in battery-operated shades, the battery strength within a shade determines the movement, which often fails to be synchronized.
The most significant disadvantage of installing hardwired shades is the cost of running power to every shade, the drywall patchwork, and the finishing that comes after that. Aside from the costly rough-in phase, hardwired automatic roller shades prove to be an excellent investment. The slim, elegant look, devoid of visible wires or cords, enhances the room’s overall appearance. Any homeowner appreciates an improvement such as this. Motorized shades add a modern feature to any home and present a fantastic option for anyone to consider.

Regarding the cost of using power for your motorized shades, solar panels provide another consideration. This way, you help the planet while contributing to your convenience. If you install solar panels in your home, then the power you use for your hardwired motorized shades comes from the sun. This way, you save money by not paying for electricity to move your shades up and down for you.

Convenience Both Ways

People cite convenience as the ultimate reason to switch to motorized shades, whether battery-operated or hardwired. Not having to adjust your shades by hand saves you so much time and energy. Here, remember that time equals money, so long-term, by not having to hand open and close your shades, you ultimately save money as well. For this reason, motorizing your shades proves to be a worthy consideration. Ultimately, motorized shades give you more freedom and comfort in your day-to-day lives. With this investment, the pros outweigh the cons.

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