Eye-catching Modern Concrete Block Walls

For decades the standard concrete blocks often referred to as cinder blocks have been seen bordering homes and lawns all over neighborhoods. Still, today’s strong interest in modern design has brought many new and trendy options to the market.

The Various Styles of Concrete

Concrete blocks have been redesigned to compliment trendier tastes. Eye-catching block walls with varying depths create a 3-dimensional visual effect that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also very unique. Mixing smooth with chiseled textures is another stylish way of creating a cascading effect that draws visual interest.

  • Chiseled Concrete: You’ve probably seen chiseled concrete walls before. They’re a great way of taking the focus off a floor that might have heavy traffic and thus often be dirty or in need of maintenance. They also give off a certain Grecco-Roman air, reminding us of the giant, monolithic palaces of antiquity.
  • Variable Size Smooth Stacked Stone: Variable size smooth stacked stone is another elegant way of building a block wall. The look is clean and contemporary. You can even mix a couple of different hues to add a more artistic appeal to the grounds. The same stone style is widely used to finish planters and exterior fire pits or barbecues to add a designer touch.
  • Stacked Stone: Stacked stone is a little more rustic, reminding us of old country gardens and village houses. It gives off a rustic country-gentry appeal when placed in an area that’s otherwise lacking in aesthetic appeal and can be used to lend character to any space without flair.
  • Concrete Wood Garden: A concrete wood garden wall is another contemporary look that is not often seen. Capturing the aesthetics of wood with the durability and practicality of concrete gives the homeowner the best of both worlds while adding beautiful curb appeal to the home.
  • Polished Concrete Block: A polished concrete block wall is another way of bringing modern elegance to a sleek home. Some of these polished blocks come in colored exposed aggregate, smooth or textured format that imitate granite and are fade resistant. For variety, different faces are used together in building a wall that is both designer and homey. With that sheen, you might also be able to go for a more space-age look- something like the Jetsons. The flexibility of concrete allows you to go for multiple aesthetics- possibly all at once if you can manage it. Don’t be afraid to experiment aesthetically with concrete. You’ll be dreaming of concrete all day long.

In Conclusion

Besides, a garden wall is a great way to get some privacy for the summer months, when you’ll want to spend some time sunbathing and reading. You can never go wrong with a garden wall, and using this method to build one is intuitive and straightforward. All of the blocks mentioned above are designer blocks that can be used throughout your property’s exterior. From building block walls to securing your premises, creating an outdoor fireplace for those cozy gatherings, or constructing planters and flower beds to display greenery, you can use designer blocks anywhere to embellish the home’s exterior.

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