Roller Shades: The Ultimate Modern Window Dressing

Window dressing is a designer must-have for a few good reasons. They are aesthetically appealing; they add privacy and are sound dampening, as sound reflects off the windows and creates an echo throughout the house. They also allow natural light to come in; while providing all the above-added benefits.

All About Roller Shades

Roller shades are a perfect window dressing for any home. They are elegant and slim, as they don’t take up much real estate over the windows. They tie in seamlessly while adding a layer of texture to the walls.
Curtains and other forms of window-blockers take care of one problem- they shut out light coming in, but they add another problem- they take up space and not look very appealing.

#31 Roller Shades: The Ultimate Modern Window Dressing

Roller shades aren’t like curtains or slat shades in that they don’t choose to stand out too much. Curtains start to create problems when they become too noticeable against a bare wall. Homeowners who put up curtains may feel the need to spice up and embellish their spaces to match the curtains’ showiness.
Besides, curtains take up a lot of space that could be used for functional furniture. For example- see that space beneath your window? There could be a dresser, a table, a cart with plants and flowers, or any number of exciting and useful implements sitting there. Instead, there’s a long curtain.
Roller shades take up no more space than your window does and therefore leave tons of valuable space for functional furniture. We recommend putting a telescope next to any window with a view of the night sky.

#31 Roller Shades: The Ultimate Modern Window Dressing

Roller shades are either mounted on the inside or the outside of the window. Inside mount is a more seamless and low profile approach as the shades become part of the window. On the other hand, with an outside mount, the shades stand out more as they accentuate the window.
With so many options, homeowners and DIY fanatics can customize their living spaces to whatever stylistic whim they may have. There’s a reason roller shades are so prevalent in this country today- and it’s because they have style, grace and give homeowners aesthetic options.

Roller Shades Give You Options

Roller shades come in light filtering or blackout options. Blackout options give you complete privacy any time of the day, while the light filtering option allows light to trickle in. Different percentages gauge the light filtration. For example, 1% will let in only 1% light. 3% allows 3% light. 5% allows 5% light, and 10% will allow the most light at 10%.
Keep in mind that the higher the percentage of light filtration, the lower the privacy level as the window dressing becomes more and more transparent. Roller shades come in different patterns, solids, textures, and colors. Light filtering shades allow in natural light while still providing moderate privacy; they are a perfect solution for reducing glare while modernizing a home.

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