Outdoor Garden Screens that Provide Privacy

Your garden is your private space. When you’re out among the fragrant flowers and shady trees, you might feel like there’s nothing in the world that could disrupt you. Depending on how much privacy you like, you might even want to make it that way.

Whether have overly social neighbors, unsightly surroundings, or want a place to take a few minutes to yourself, privacy garden screens can turn your backyard into a secluded paradise.

Take a deep breath, as you breathe in the fresh air. This article will focus on a few ways to make your garden more private.

Laser-Cut Screens

If you’re looking to go full throttle on your backyard privacy project, laser-cut screens are the way to go. With beautiful floral designs, dazzling geometric patterns, and stunning artistic visuals, laser-cut screens can turn your backyard into a modern retreat.


For a more minimalistic approach, try geometric patterns like squares or diamonds. Minimalist designs remind us of tropical Mediterranean gardens and warm, sunny beaches.

But why limit yourself to the least possible? If your taste is more of an enchanted garden, certain ‘maximalist’ landscape designers can give you precisely what you’re looking for. We recommend floral patterns for more floral gardens. Dark colors go well with darker bush flowers like rhododendrons.

Resin Screens

Getting a little privacy doesn’t have to be a million-dollar endeavor. Many screens out there work fine for our purposes and won’t run you up a small fortune in card charges.

Resin screens are similar to the screens you might have seen used inside the home to create a changing area or as a division of two spaces. Resin screens are durable, cheap, and will keep out prying eyes as you lounge in the sun.


Wall Toppers

Many people already have a small barrier between themselves and their neighbors. They may even like the look of that barrier, even though it doesn’t provide as much privacy as might be desired. In this case, wall toppers are a perfect addition.

Wall toppers can be bought online or at most large hardware stores. You can also make wall toppers out of lumber or vinyl fairly quickly. Putting a wall topper on a brick or stone barrier will give it a mixed media look that reminds us a lot of the famous Falling Water structure by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wall toppers are a simple yet spectacular addition to a pre-existing barrier as they get the job done and bring a sense of style to your garden.

Patio Curtains

Patio curtains remind us of a cool cabana in the Bahamas. With the curtains flapping in the wind, the shade on your shoulders, and a drink in your hand, you will feel the tropical sensation just by walking outside.

Patio curtains are also an excellent solution for privacy. Put up a patio curtain to turn an open space into a private room for outdoor dinners, hangouts, and hours of relaxation.

However, keep in mind, that these curtains will be exposed to the exterior climate with weather and temperature changes. Hence, it is ideal to purchase specialized curtains made for outdoor patios.


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