How to Get the Most out of Curtain Rod Extension Brackets?

If you’re tired of ripping your drapes out of the wall, want to put up larger curtains, or have shades and would like to add curtains, curtain rod extension brackets are your knight in shining armor. From center-hang to double brackets, there’s an extension bracket for every project.
So, what can you get out of all these types of extension brackets? Do you need extension brackets for roller shades? This article will answer all these questions and more. So, close the shades and get comfy- we’re about to dump some tips on you.

Single Brackets

Single brackets are your best choice for simple, elegant projects. They’re effortless to put up and will provide a sturdy surface for small-to-medium-sized curtains. Make sure to buy a color that goes well with your curtains. While you may be eyeing those beautiful bronze brackets, they may not pair with your turquoise curtains.

If you want to make an easy job of putting your brackets up, use plastic wall plugs. If your walls are of a more delicate material, they’ll go right in and cause about half the mess of a drill and screw.

Single brackets can be used to layer curtains over your roller shades. However, you will need the curtains’ extension brackets not to hit the shades as you open and close them.

Double Brackets

If you’re looking to create a dynamic duo of curtains, double brackets are your friends. Double brackets come with not one but two spaces to put curtain rods. So, if you’re stuck between two different curtains and think both would go well in your space, why not put them together?

Here’s a hint- colored curtains pair spectacularly with light, airy white curtains. It gives your curtains a layered look like silk on cotton and helps up the sophistication of any room. Not to mention- white always looks stylish. So go ahead and explore your creativity by mixing and matching.

Elbow Brackets

You might have some windows in your house that don’t run along a traditional flat wall or two walls running perpendicular to one another. If so, you might find yourself needing a curtain solution that can work around these abnormalities without looking funny.

Enter the elbow bracket. Elbow brackets provide an angled resting place for two curtain rods that will allow you to hang curtains on winders in recessed spaces. These brackets are an intuitive solution for an age-old problem- how do I work around my space’s limits? Elbow brackets are the answer to hanging continuous curtains all-around a room’s four walls.

Drill Less or No Drill Curtain Rod Brackets

Suppose you’re not a handy person- no shame. Drill Less brackets are here to save the day. These brackets will install effortlessly. What’s more, they won’t cause the wall damage you can expect from a screw or a plastic plug.

Using your brackets correctly can give you a beautiful, shaded space that will take you through the summer glare-free. Not to mention, curtains can be a stunning addition to an otherwise lackluster room.


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