How to Reduce Road Noise Inside and Outside of your House

How to Reduce Sound When Living on a Noisy Street?

Trying to fall asleep at night while cars are zooming by is a frustrating issue for many people. To solve this problem, many start by researching solutions for the exterior. 

Build a Block Wall: Building a block wall around your property is an excellent start. Although walls will not stop the noise from spilling over, the walls’ mass will help deaden the road’s tire noise. The denser the wall, the more effective it will be in blocking the noise.  


Plant Greenary:

Planting tall trees or hedges as screens is another excellent idea. However, greenery will have minimal effect on blocking road-noise; it creates an out of sight out of mind perception. An aesthetically appealing greenscape creates peace and brings comfort to the environment. Creating a visual interest by planting beautiful seasonal plants and perennial greens takes the mind off of the unpleasant noise and onto a tranquil state of mind.

Add a Water Feature: Installing a water feature is another way of masking undesirable exterior noise by creating a constant white noise. The sound of water is known to bring comfort and calmness to the environment it occupies. Therefore, installing a water feature will be a significant step towards achieving your goal. 

Noise-Canceling or Soundproof Curtains

However, once all the exterior solutions have been exhausted, and the noise is still present, looking into sound reducing curtains is a promising option for the interior of your home. Companies that sell these drapes market them as sound blocking, sound reducing, or noise-canceling curtains. 


Noise-canceling or soundproof curtains are a great accessory to add to your home that will reduce unwanted noise. Since the glass in the windows allows noise to come through, any added layer will help block that noise. Like any window treatment, sound blocking curtains add design and style to the house while also acting as a noise barrier layer. 

An added benefit of noise-canceling curtains is that they act as blackout curtains, which are great for sleeping. The fabric options are vast and can be customized. You can even request heavier density material in the middle to block out as much noise as possible. Sound reducing curtains are a definite must-have if you’re looking to reduce noise in a room with windows. Keep in mind that noise blocking curtains will not make entirely soundproof or eradicate the unwanted noise: however, they will significantly reduce the noise.

Some companies offer denser material explicitly designed to absorb maximum volumes of sound that will assist with uninterrupted rest any time of the day. Although sound reducing curtains are not cheap, they are an excellent solution for obtaining peace from the exterior hustle and bustle.

Owning a property on the corner of a busy street can have its disadvantages when it comes to road noise; however, the above remedies can help remedy the situation.

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