Creating The Ultimate Backyard Oasis with Outdoor Seating

Warm weather brings the urge for outdoor gatherings, good conversations, lounging poolside, and soaking up the sun. Having an attractive patio display with comfortable outdoor seating in your backyard creates intimacy and enhances the experience altogether. The idea behind any well-designed backyard oasis with outdoor seating is to create a conversation circle. A place that brings tranquility and encourages people to stay awhile and engage with one another. Below are some must-haves to creating an appealing backyard oasis.

Build a Deck or Patio Space

Create an indoor-outdoor area as you step into your backyard by adding a patio. Depending on your layout, the patio can either be an extension of your house or away from your home. When building your patio, keep in mind maintenance and convenience of the space. If you or your neighbors have large trees that shed leaves and bring debris into your yard, consider enclosing the side the winds blow. If you’re building your patio away from the house, be sure to include a kitchenette equipped with the amenities you may need to reduce the trips made back and forth to the house. After all, the idea behind building a patio is to add comfort and bring enjoyment to your outdoor life.

Creating The Ultimate Backyard Oasis with Outdoor Seating

Design a Space for Grilling or an Outdoor Kitchen

Add a grill and a meal preparation area with ample seating. This will allow the cooking to take place outside while socializing and entertaining your guests. Add a dining table and chairs for outdoor dining. Providing a shaded area for dining will add comfort and turn the space into a more formal setting. Make sure the seating is sufficient, and the furniture is weatherproof and of lasting quality.

Creating The Ultimate Backyard Oasis with Outdoor Seating
Creating The Ultimate Backyard Oasis with Outdoor Seating

Add Comfortable Lounge Seating

Create a lounge area. This is where fun, comfortable pieces of furniture come into play. Swings, Hammocks, day beds, these are all great options for a lazy summer afternoon. From step lights to recessed lights beneath your patio cover to fire-pits and string lights floating from your trees, outdoor lighting can be fancy or casual. Whether choosing to go formal or not, any lighting will provide the same effect. Outdoor lighting will maximize your time in the outdoors and offer an intimate setting for your guests to enjoy. 

Provide Comfort and Shade

The last thing you want is furniture that is too hard or sun rays beaming onto your guests as they are trying to enjoy the fresh outdoors. Add some shade for the 10-2 hours when the sun rays are at their strongest. If you are a fortunate one with a pool, add a romantic poolside cabana.

Creating The Ultimate Backyard Oasis with Outdoor Seating

Provide Adequate Privacy

Lastly, make sure your backyard oasis has adequate privacy. Planting tall trees and hedges on the exterior perimeter of your backyard will not only create privacy but also provide beautiful greenery. Ultimately, designing a backyard oasis with sufficient shade, comfortable weatherproof outdoor seating with designated areas for eating and lounging creates an inviting mood your guests will never forget.

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