Why Buy Rug Padding?

As many people switch to hardwood floors over carpets for health and style reasons, they might be wondering- how can I give a hardwood-floored room some life? The answer- Rugs. Rugs have been an ancient addition to floors and sometimes walls, they not only bring style to a bare surface, but they also bring warmth and comfort to hard coverings. Rugs are a lovely addition to almost any room and provide a little bit of exotic flair.

However, if you have kids or pets or have ever experienced a rug slipping from under your feet, you know that they do have one drawback- they don’t hold to a floor very well. Most rugs have a low pile, meaning there isn’t much cushion or friction between the rug and the floor.

The fix to this is cheap and straightforward- rug padding. Rug padding is like putting a bit of putty between your rug and your hardwood. With rug padding, you can be sure that your kids will have that extra cushion when falling on the rug, and your dogs won’t be jostling it around.

Advantages of Rug Padding

Provide Added Cushion to the Floors

Most of us decorate floors with rugs to bring style and warmth to a bare floor; however, if you ignore the pile height when purchasing the rug, you will most likely end up with a thin and flimsy floor covering. This is where the padding comes in. Having a little extra padding between the rug and the floor helps prevent slippage and minimize a fall’s impact on a hard surface.


Pets and Furniture Won’t Fold and Cause the Rugs to Slide

With a bit of extra friction between your rug and your floor, you won’t have to worry about pesky pets and that one annoying habit they have- freaking out every time a guest comes through the door, and while racing to get there, they fold and crease the rugs. Rugs under Furniture also tend to slide and move over time if they are not supported by padding underneath.

Minimize Injuries

Rug pads play an important role when it comes to kids and injuries. If a child falls on a flimsy rug without any padding, they are more likely to sustain an injury or hurt. Rug pads provide added support and cushion, making the fall a bit softer and easier on the body.


Disadvantages to Rug Pads

Your Rug Might Have Good Adhesive Already

Rug pads aren’t precisely big-money investments, but a rug pad wasted on an already sticky rug can be painful no matter what. Always check the bottom of your rugs and give them a few test scoots before running to the store and dropping a few dollars on pads.

They are not Attractive when Visible 

Rug pads are typically hidden beneath the rugs. However, from time-to-time, they stick out. They also accumulate hair and grime, so an exposed piece of rug pad can ruin a room’s aesthetic for as long as it’s visible. Try cutting and reshaping your pad to make it fit your rug better, and remember- better ugly than dangerous.


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