Different Types of Gates that Add Design and Privacy to your Home

Adding a gate to your property is a great way to help increase the value of your property. Whether you choose to go with a chain-link fence or a wood gate, you will undoubtedly be adding value while making your property look better. There are many benefits to adding a gate and several materials that work nicely for this too.

The Best Material to Use for Your Gate

When putting up your gate, it is crucial to pick the right material based on your climate. While many homeowners race to picking out wood, there are other options if you want something different and long-lasting. A few types of material that you can use on your gate include:

●     Wood: This is a traditional option for your fence. It is a classic look that will offer a warm and welcoming feeling to your home, and it is relatively affordable. However, wood gates require maintenance. Certain wood species such as red cedar and epi are far superior in quality as they are long-lasting and can sustain weather and insects.


Aluminum: This is a sturdy choice that has a good shine, and you can easily paint it to fit the style you want. Aluminum gates are also light in weight, and many are made out of recycled materials.


PVC: This is a material that is solid and is an excellent alternative to wood. PVC will provide a solid design that is nonporous.


Wrought Iron: This is denser and heavier than some of the other metals you will choose, but it does add some elegance to your property. It is often black, but it can be painted or powder coated to your desired color.


Vinyl: This is a moderately priced option that looks good, is low maintenance, and comes in different colors and designs. It


●     Chain link: This is an inexpensive option that at least outlines your property. However, it does not provide for a lot of privacy and is not as strong as other options.

The material you use will depend on the cost and the look and feel you’re looking to accomplish around your home. It is possible to combine different materials, though this may not give you a cohesive look that you want. There are also some unique options you can choose from, such as bamboo if you would like something different.


Benefits of Enclosing Your Property

Homeowners have many reasons for choosing to build a fence around their property. Some of the most common reasons include:

●     Privacy: Not only does having a fence secure your property from intruders, but it also provides privacy to you and your family while you are home or away from home.
●     Safety: A fence is a great way to keep your children safe and out of the street. They can play outside without worrying about going into the street or running off, giving you a little peace of mind and making it easier to enjoy your property.
Defines property parameters: Homeowners like to designate their property lines by putting up a fence. A fence gives a visual sign of the size of your property.


There are many reasons to enclose the parameters of your property with a gate. Choosing the right materials that will compliment your house will enhance the appearance and give you all the added benefits discussed above. Designing the gate and putting one up can be the best decision for your home!

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