Modern Metal Entry Doors

Make an eye-catching first impression with an unconventional entrance to your home. Structurally robust modern metal doors look aesthetically striking in any setting.

What makes up a modern metal entry door?

A specially engineered steel frame design forms the inside cavity of solid metal doors. As the foam insulation fills inside the door, it then solidifies. Sheets welded on the front and back of the door form the exterior façade. When considering door finishes, some people opt for the metal doors to remain in their raw state or patina. Those desiring a monochromatic appearance choose to powder-coat in metal colors. 

Either way, you certainly cannot go wrong with a modern metal entry door! The door finishing differs to suit your desires. Ultimately, a metal entry door provides a cool and unique way to go!

What happens to metal entry doors over time?

Oxidation, a kind of metal corrosion, occurs over extended periods. As oxidation occurs, metal doors left in their raw state consequently change color over time. The direct exposure to weather and air or oxygen creates a thin layer of copper carbonate on the sheet’s surface and produces or results in a unique color. Tarnish preserves the underlying metal as it undergoes a constant aging process, which leads to various exotic color changes. Oxidation only makes having a metal entry door that much more unique! 

Experimenting with patinas or the metal doors’ raw state capitalizes on nature’s ability to develop and bring forth unique shades, hues, and colors that prove otherwise impossible to create. This makes the metal doors themselves so incredibly special! If you want an exclusive look, a solid raw metal door provides the ultimate organic and sophisticated look you desire for any entry.

Are there other options with metal entry doors?

Powder-coated finishes offer a unique appearance for those who seek a monochromatic look. For better adhesion of the materials, sandblasting prepares the door’s surface before powder coating. A layer of special epoxy primer added before the final powder coat application contributes to the entry door’s longevity and durability, especially over time. For anyone wanting to complete the look, power-coated entry handles match the color of the door. You select the options you prefer. 

Why should I get a metal entry door?

Modern metal doors offer a brilliant choice for a contemporary home. They truly bring out the chic architecture found in many modern homes. Many people focus on the entry door because it is the first thing you see when you walk up to a house. The door attracts their attention and affords them their first experience with your home. Thus, the incredibly important door style brings out the essence of the house. 


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