Residential Pivot Doors

A powerful entrance that makes a bold statement certainly deserves an extraordinary door. Larger, heavier, and monumental, custom pivot doors provide seamless design and functionality. Pivot doors bring an air of unique elegance and style to any home. Today’s home buyers view pivot doors as a sought-after item in luxury home design.

Why are residential pivot doors unique?

The pivot door features a door panel that expands more than a traditional side-hinged door because it swings on a set of pins mounted to the floor and the top jamb. The floor hinge transfers the weight downwards, while the one on the top maintains the door alignment by keeping the force under control. The pivot point typically offsets a few inches in from the door frame, which offers balance and gives a floating door’s illusion. 

Pivot doors come in both single and double doors to provide a style that best fits your preferences and needs. These pivot doors swing in, out, or both directions. Their steel, wood, glass, or aluminum construction ensures a wide selection. All of these great features make pivot doors an incredibly appealing and customizable option for just about anybody, especially new home buyers.

Are residential pivot doors functional?

These fully functional grand entrances allow for a much larger opening and no wasted space. Again, the pivots let these doors expand more, giving the doors themselves a tremendous amount of functionality. If you host guests or throw a party, these incredibly useful and beneficial doors make your guests feel welcome and your job as the host easier. Also, these pivot doors bring to any occasion or gathering the openness that guests love.

Will my residential pivot door be stylish?

A pivot door looks like a piece of art, whether on the interior or the exterior of a home. With unlimited, fully customizable designs and possibilities, pivot doors fit anyone’s wants and desires in making their space unique, truly one of a kind. By customizing features such as the design, color, size, amount of expansion, and so much more, you create a unique, individualized door!

What else should I know before purchasing a residential pivot door?

Keep in mind that if not constructed and installed by experienced professionals, pivot doors can fail. A well-made and robust pivot hinge balances and withstands the door’s weight and opens and closes with a simple push. 

Pivot doors warp and bow if not adequately secured and installed. Always seek an experienced professional who specializes in the construction of pivot doors. Their expertise and experience help ensure the longevity and durability of your pivot door.


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