Built-In Kitchen Appliances

Modern built-in appliances sit flush with kitchen cabinets for a seamless appearance. Their elegant design blends in with the cabinetry by installing panel-ready appliances to match your kitchen cabinetry or choosing stainless steel for a bold look or appliances with glass finishes for a sleek and stylish look.
Though today’s market offers many beautiful and efficient freestanding kitchen appliances, built-in options might be a better fit for your kitchen.


Built-in appliances act as the standard in high-end kitchens because they fit beautifully into the surrounding drawers, cabinets, and pantries while allowing for a more customized design of your kitchen. This set-up results in a smooth and elegant aesthetic and removes gaps and empty spaces between pieces. Unlike freestanding appliances, you do not have to worry about your appliances sitting out beyond the counter’s edge.


Manufacturers use the term ergonomic to describe the appearance of built-in appliances. They sit flush with the cabinetry, allow more space for walkways, and make the area more functional and easier to use. Built-in appliances sit against a wall, allowing for more floor space in front, unlike freestanding appliances that always stick out further than they should or awkwardly sit toward the back of a countertop.


Though the difference may seem negligible, any amount of space saved, especially in a small cooking environment, provides a significant plus for someone trying to maximize their area’s utility. For people in need of space-saving solutions, built-in appliances are a fantastic option, well worth the premium for the proper kitchen.



Safety presents as a significant concern for anyone with small children or even clumsy adults, especially in a kitchen environment. A family with young children cites safety as one of the reasons for considering built-in appliances. Built-in wall ovens installed at eye level provide a more straightforward solution for those cooking and cleaning and reduces the chance of your child being able to open the door and harm themselves.

Built-ins offer another advantage in that it makes it possible to cook with both electric and gas. For example, you could install an electric wall oven and a gas cooktop. With single cookers, this turns out to be more complicated.
Built-in appliances tend to be of commercial grade and more technologically advanced for overall better performance and experience. Many people note this as a disadvantage. This makes built-in appliances pricier and more expensive to install as they require skill and finesse to make sure the appliances fit flush with the cabinets and edges.
Homeowners agree that practical, aesthetically appealing, and overall superior built-in appliances outperform standard appliances. Built-in appliances create trendy gourmet kitchens in higher-end homes. Although high in price, people consider them a worthwhile investment as they tend to last longer, operate better, and offer a sleeker cooking environment.

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