In-ground Sitting Areas and Sunken Conversational Pits

Architect Bruce Goff designed the first sunken conversational pit back in 1927 for a home in Oklahoma. The design took off and became a frequent request from homeowners in the ensuing decades, gaining popularity for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately for Goff, by the 1970s, the desire for sunken pits seriously declined. Families with elderly parents and young children viewed this feature as dangerous rather than beneficial. 

In the past few years, sunken conversational pits made a trendy comeback, appearing in model homes and custom builds across the country. While classic designs typically featured steps down into the conversation pit, some modern designs removed the steps to decrease the chances of a dangerous accident. 

In-ground Sitting Areas and Sunken Conversational Pits
In-ground Sitting Areas and Sunken Conversational Pits

Benefits to In-Ground Sitting Areas and Sunken Conversational Pits

Sunken conversation pits offer an odd but exciting feature to a room, as well as flexibility. A comforting, stabilizing idea exists that space remains the same. No chairs need moving, or couches require rearranging. A still, consistent place exists for the family or guests to spend time in each other’s company. When hosting in-home entertainment gained popularity and occurred more frequently, the desire for in-ground sitting areas and sunken conversational pits increased. 

hese spaces create intimate outdoor settings and create inviting spaces for friends to gather. Generally situated around fireplaces or fire pits for added warmth and comfort, sunken conversational pits remain useful for year-round entertainment in most climates. 

These designer spaces become more stylish and gain attention by incorporating colorful outdoor furniture and pillows into the seating area. You can situate these versatile outdoor entertainment pits in a garden setting, overlooking a city view or poolside.

Modern Variations of Sunken Conversational Pits and In-Ground Sitting Areas

When designed with interior settings in mind, sunken conversational pits bring closeness while adding warmth around a fireplace. The fireplace serves as the main point of attraction, and the seating completes the look. 

Designers elevated conversation pits to “sunken living rooms.” These rooms exhibit similar advantages to the in-ground sitting areas. They create a sense of depth and spaciousness in the room because of slightly separated areas without dividing the entire section.

In-ground Sitting Areas and Sunken Conversational Pits

he ceilings appear larger when utilizing a different floor height, creating an airy feel that makes space seem more significant than it initially appeared. This design opens the room up to attractive lay-out options that differ from a more classical home style. This format sets a homeowner apart from traditional counterparts and increases the home’s desirability.

Sunken conversational pits decorated with a cozy sofa and pillows set up a comfortable lounge area for reading or relaxing. Whether on the interior or the exterior of your home, today’s sunken conversational pits feature advanced designs and emphasize safety and function in many ways.

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