Making the Most out of Empty Wall Space

These fabulous wall storage and display designs will transform your home into an inviting and artistic sanctuary.
Empty wall space can make your home feel open and uninviting, especially if you have bright white walls. Filling that space will create a more welcoming aesthetic and allow you to show off your artistic sensibilities. To learn more about the perfect way to spruce up those empty walls, take a look at our list below. Some ShelvesMaking the most out of empty wall space

Installing shelves is the most practical and popular way to fill empty wall space. They give you unlimited options when it comes to how you want to decorate and can be used in a multitude of ways. For example, if you have an extensive book collection, organize them by size or color to create a charming visual impression. As a popular trend over the past few years, arranging books by color will create a beautiful display.

For those with smaller spaces, wall shelves can hold baskets and bins full of electronics, art supplies, and other items you need to find a place for. Picture frames, trinkets, and collectibles also look great resting on a shelf. This gives you the chance to reduce clutter and open up the floor space by moving things to the empty walls.

In the kitchen, wall shelves can be used in conjunction with hooks to hang pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. Showcase your favorite cookbooks on top for a well-rounded display. If you are an avid tea or coffee drinker, you can hang your favorite mugs while displaying your drinkables in ceramic containers on top.

In the bathroom, you can use wall shelves to hold toiletries, candles, and bath bombs and hang your towels beneath. They are also great for keeping plants away from your pets while still enjoying the natural aesthetic and cleaner air they provide.

Making the most out of empty wall spaceAdjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves are the kinds you often see in kitchen panties and bedroom closets. These allow for easy customization, as you can freely move them up and down. In the closet, adjustable shelves expand your storage capabilities and improve organization.

While they have a more industrial look than standard hanging and floating shelves, this works well with certain types of interior design. You can also paint them to blend in with the wall color, or install them in closets, garages, and basements, to provide extra storage options.

Making the most out of empty wall spaceBuilt-in Cabinets

Built-in cabinets provide a classy, refined look to any room in the house. They are a great way to build out an entertainment center, with the tv as the focal point. They also work well in the bedroom and home office, providing ample opportunity for display and storage.

With open shelves on top and cabinets on the bottom, you can display your favorite pieces and keep specific items out of sight. In addition, they are not hard to install and can be a fun weekend project for any DIY enthusiast.

Make sure to spread out the weight of your items and decor so that one side does not feel heavier than the other. This will improve the visual effect.Making the most out of empty wall space

Perfect for displaying books, plants, candles, picture frames, and décor, built-in cabinets give you plenty of flexibility. If your room is full of whites and neutral shades, you can use this as an opportunity to add color to the space. For example, arrange a collection of books by color, creating a fabulous artistic element.

Wooden Crates

Natural wooden crates contribute a farmhouse design vibe, but they can be used in any interior design style if painted white. Similar to shelving, they have the added advantage of a framed shelf that draws in the eye. In addition, anything placed inside the box will have more prominence than what you display on the top portion. Having these different options is what makes wooden crates such a popular choice.

They are also straightforward to hang, as you can install them anywhere that has a stud or by using anchor bolts. Finally, for added visual appeal, you can add wallpaper or fabric to the inside and really make this wall shelving option pop.

Wall Hung Credenza

A wall-hung credenza offers practical and beautiful storage options. Any credenza can be hung this way, as long as you find a stud or use anchor bolts that can support the weight. Hanging your credenza makes cleaning much more manageable and helps the room feel larger.

When using a credenza for storage, you have plenty of space available both on top and within the cabinets. In addition, because credenzas come in so many styles, colors, materials, and sizes, the options are endless when considering their impact on your interior design aesthetic.

In the living room, a credenza can be used to hide tv cords, routers, and video game systems, while also allowing easy access. Framed beneath a hanging tv, this is a modern upgrade that can significantly enhance a room.

Making the most out of empty wall spaceFloor to Ceiling Bookcase

A floor-to-ceiling bookcase creates a significant design impact and can drastically change the feel of a room. It will make the space feel taller while also adding many unique opportunities for display. With so many shelves to fill and the height differences adding to the visual appeal, this is an attractive option for filling empty wall space.

You can add colorful interest to a room by adding trinkets, plants, and books. You can also play with the empty space by arranging things vertically and horizontally. The shelves do not have to be at the same level all the way through, and you can create variations within the shelf heights and widths, which will give a more dynamic appeal.

A floor-to-ceiling bookcase does not have to go wall-to-wall and can look great framing an open doorway. With shelving on each side and running across the top, this design trick will bring your eye upwards and lift the room. Using the bottom shelves as storage with bins and baskets, you can fill the top area with colorful décor.

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