Choosing The Best Color for Your New Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, your countertop will be one of the most important decisions you have to make. The size, placement, color, material, and shape will set the tone for your new kitchen.

Choosing the Best Color for Your New Kitchen CountertopsUnlike cabinetry, hardware, and paint color, a countertop cannot be as easily replaced as trends change over time. However, the color you choose can set the mood for the entire kitchen and create cohesiveness between appliances, flooring, and other aspects.
Countertop materials come in various colors and shades, from cherry wood to gray concrete to black marble with blue veining. Deciding on the best material for your kitchen design will be the first step. Next will come color, which depends on your design style, fixtures, and color choices for the rest of the space.

Choosing the Best Color for Your New Kitchen CountertopsFlecked or Veined (Stone)

As one of the most popular countertop materials, stone offers a depth and uniqueness that helps elevate the charm and sophistication. What contributes to its allure are the flecks and veining that run throughout. There are two factors to consider when choosing a stone countertop: the color of the stone and the color of the flecks and veining. These two factors will play into each other and the overall dynamic of the space. For example, a dark stone with broad patches of veining will not feel as overwhelming as a solid black countertop. The same can be said of white stone with deep blue veining.

White StoneChoosing the Best Color for Your New Kitchen Countertops

White stone with gray marbling is trendy in modern homes and creates a sense of calm and cleanliness that goes well with other color schemes. In addition, the bold white will enrich earthier tones throughout the kitchen, such as natural wood floors, while keeping things from feeling outdated. The veining comes in many shades and colors and can be matched to the cabinetry or wall color or stand on its own as a focal piece without dominating the space.

Soft white with gray/blue veining is an excellent choice when paired with brass accents and is commonly found in modern and traditional homes. This color combination makes a space feel bigger without being overpowering and will softly reflect natural light.

Choosing the Best Color for Your New Kitchen CountertopsDark Stone

Stones in darker colors, such as black and green, do best in kitchens where the primary color is white. A black stone with white veining looks impeccable when paired with white cabinets. A darker-colored stone countertop easily hides crumbs while maintaining that same sophisticated aesthetic as lighter-toned slabs. Alternatively, a darker slab stone with thick white veins traversing can be paired with darker cabinets. The white veins can provide enough contrast to keep the kitchen from feeling gloomy.

Brown (Wood)

Wood is a classic choice and goes well with many colors and materials in the kitchen. Serious chefs will often use wood as their countertop material, as it has the same visual appeal as a large butcher block. Warm wood tones are inviting and have a natural richness that is hard to replicate. If you are looking to add some rustic charm, want to make your kitchen feel more “homey,” or need to balance out stark white cabinets, wood tones are an excellent choice.

Lighter woods will have a more rustic feel when compared to darker stains. While they don’t hide imperfections as well, they do elevate the mood of a space, and their yellow tones will feel warmer than darker woods.

Darker shades will feel more formal, especially when paired with white cabinets in a traditional kitchen. However, if your kitchen has large windows and lets in plenty of light, these are a great way to balance out the space and keep it from feeling washed out.

Cherry and reddish-brown hues will make your kitchen feel warmer, while light and yellow woods make your space feel brighter.

Pure White CountertopsChoosing the Best Color for Your New Kitchen Countertops

Pure white countertops are a bold choice and one where the color palette for the rest of the kitchen will make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic. A white countertop is a crisp addition in modern spaces, especially in a small kitchen. An all-white kitchen feels clean and bright and will make brass and bronze accent features stand out. For this reason, it is essential to consider the finishings, such as handles and pulls, light fixtures, and faucets, as you don’t want your room to feel cold and sterile.

Pure white countertops also do well when they have another color to work with, such as cabinets painted in royal blue or black. In addition, installing a pure white countertop gives you the flexibility to be bolder with other color choices, as the white will keep tones from feeling overwhelming.

The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Gray Countertops

One of the best features of gray countertops is allowing other aspects of the kitchen to take the lead. This is why you will often find them in architecturally detailed homes, as concrete countertops provide strength and foundation that reinforces other design elements.

When paired with creamy-white cabinets, these shades complement each other without overpowering. A soft-flecked gray stone works well in highly-detailed homes and contemporary kitchens. Gray is the most neutral countertop choice and adds a harmonious look with metal finishes, such as gold, brass, and silver.

Black CountertopsChoosing the Best Color for Your New Kitchen Countertops

A rich black countertop can be the focal point you need in a kitchen with white cabinets. This is especially true if you choose a dark stone slab with light veining. Stainless steel, brass, and nickel finishes pop from black quartz countertops, and this palate will create a refined and sophisticated ambiance. Cherry wood tones will be accentuated by a black countertop, whether walnut cabinets or redwood flooring.

When deciding on the best countertop color for your kitchen renovation, considering the overall design and aesthetic is the most crucial factor. How do you want to feel when you walk into the kitchen? Are you looking to create a comfortable, relaxed environment, or one that is sophistical, clean, and bright? These answers will go a long way in determining the best color for your countertop.

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