The Top Flooring Trends for 2022

Style and originality take over in 2022. Flooring trends ripple with excitement as bold colors, patterns, and sustainable materials take hold.

With the year underway and spring around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to renovate your home. One of the best ways to make a dramatic change that can elevate your home is by upgrading the flooring. We see new trends in colors, styles, and materials every year, and 2022 is no different. To help you begin this fun project of choosing new flooring, we have laid out all the top flooring trends taking the industry by storm.


141 The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Vinyl

When vinyl flooring made its debut in 1933, it was considered a budget-friendly and resilient material. Unfortunately, it was also not that attractive. As technology has advanced, so has Vinyl’s appearance, and it now looks and feels nearly indistinguishable from stone and natural wood. Along with these visual upgrades, it has kept its budget-friendly affordability and ease of installation. In 2022, more and more homeowners are taking on renovations themselves, and Vinyl is an excellent option for a DIY approach.

The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Tile

Tile is most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom and has long been a popular flooring choice. Its appeal has certainly not waned over the years, as it remains at the top of the list for attractive flooring options in 2022. Offering plenty of flexibility and creativity, you can find tiles in many colors, styles, sizes, shapes, and materials.

Matching tile colors to wallpaper and nearby furniture has come into play this year. And in bathrooms, rather than stopping at the wall, designers are covering an accent wall in the same floor tiles for an additional pop of color and texture.


Laminate flooring is the go-to option for those looking for a less expensive and easier to install choice over hardwood flooring. Providing a level of water resistance, stain resistance, and plenty of textures and colors, Vinyl is a DIY’ers dream. Real estate experts and interior designers agree that laminate flooring is an excellent way to increase home value while offering a less expensive installation than hardwood, tile, and stone.

Sustainable Flooring

141 The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Hardwood and Bamboo

Bamboo flooring will be right up your alley for those who are serious about sustainability. Fast-growing and self-regenerating, bamboo can be harvested yearly without significant environmental repercussions. It is also twice as hard as traditional hardwood floors, can be installed over concrete and works well in all climates. The bamboo trend for 2022 is rigid core bamboo, a combination of bamboo and stone polymer composite. This coupling amplifies bamboo’s benefits and is perfect for high-traffic areas.

Reclaimed Wood

Distressed wood floors contribute character and warmth to any room in a home. They evoke feelings of country charm while staying true to the modern appeal of 2022. The most popular styles and colors are two-toned wide planks, usually in a whitewash to give that antique feel. Because they are reclaimed, they have plenty of personality, and you will not have to worry about wear and tear, scratches, or damage from furniture and water.

141 The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Carpet

Carpet flooring is commonly found in bedrooms and living areas, rooms where comfort is key. Although carpet has been replaced by hardwood flooring over the past few years, it has started to make a resurgence. It provides a warmer, softer aesthetic, and 2022 sees patterned carpets with a neutral color making a comeback.

The best thing about carpet is the infinite options you have to choose from in style and color and in material and texture.


As surprising as it may be, shag carpets are making a big comeback in 2022. As a staple of the 70s, shag offers uber-comfort, but the big difference in 2022 is that the bold colors popular in that art-deco decade have stayed in the past. Instead, stick to grays and creams with subtle patterns for a more modern twist.


Gray, White, and Dark Stains

Gray-stain flooring goes well with white cabinets and modern furniture for modern and contemporary rooms. It also keeps a space feeling light and airy without being too bright.

White stains create a bright and uplifting vibe, great for the kitchen and bathroom. They also do well in rooms that do not have many windows or are low on natural light. Dark stains remain a popular choice, as they are less likely to fade and lend a classic, mid-century modern aesthetic.

141 The Top Flooring Trends for 2022 Cerused

This wood technique enhances the natural details and character of wooden flooring, increasing its visual appeal. The wood grain is made darker or lighter than the other wood parts, contributing to dynamic color contrast. Very popular in the 1500s, they have made a comeback, and we will see this style celebrated in more homes in 2022.


The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Wide Planks

Wide planks are overtaking thin planks in popularity, as they make a room feel more relaxed and organized. Rather than having hundreds of narrow planks of varying colors and shades, wide planks give uniformity to a room.

141 The Top Flooring Trends for 2022 1Chevron and Herringbone

Over the last few years, these artistic designs have been trending as the modern design style took hold. They add charm and sophistication to a room without overshadowing the other elements. In addition, these patterns can be appreciated in various materials and give plenty of room for exercising artistic freedom with size, shape, and direction.

The Top Flooring Trends for 2022Geometric and Floral

Simple and boring flooring is out, geometric and floral patterns are in! Bathrooms and kitchens bloom with artistic expression, from large floral tiles to artistically styled geometric designs. Honeycomb tile is replacing subway for backsplashes; Mosaic tiles are weaving patterns beneath kitchen islands; bathroom floors are layered in penny tile, which gives an excellent underfoot feel.

2022 is the year of expression, and this is especially true in flooring. Many of the popular trends of the past five years stay true to their power while also experiencing a comeback of long-avoided styles (i.e., shag). So now is the time to get creative with your flooring and choose the best materials, styles, and colors to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic without holding back!

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