Water Features that Bring Harmony to your Landscape

Water features make great focal points in landscape design because they draw attention to desired features, and the soothing sound of water brings peace and harmony to the outdoor space it occupies. 

The benefits of water features 

Define your lawn or outdoor space 

A well-designed water feature mimics a beautiful centerpiece. You design the rest of your landscape around it. Besides design versatility, you will appreciate the ability to fit a water feature perfectly in a very tight area. Given all the design possibilities, you can display water features in the yard, patio, entryway, or even incorporate them into an indoor or outdoor area of the house, such as the kitchen or office.

Promote Health

Science proves that people who spend more time outdoors with nature enjoy better health and feel less stressed. The sound of water while relaxing outdoors lowers blood pressure and promotes better mental health. 

Increase the value of your property 

A well-designed and maintained landscape increases the overall value of your house and land, sometimes by up to 20 percent. Creating a unique outdoor space drastically changes your selling point and real estate investment if you ever decide to sell your property. 

Types of water features 

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains prove to be the perfect water features for any space, as they satisfy a range of budgets. From ready-to-install units to super designer builds embellished with exotic stones, no limit exists to their level of extravagance.


Many designer-built fountains also feature elegant lighting and sleek lines. Wall fountains conserve water because the bottom basin catches and circulates the water through a pump. This fountain offers a great option if you want to keep your landscape environmentally friendly and ensure your design follows local building codes, which your city may or may not have. 

Streams and Waterfalls

Man-made streams provide another type of water feature excellent for large yards. These streams include water that pours into a waterfall leading to a separate landscaped space. For a unique look, create a rippling, rock-lined stream that leads to multiple waterfalls that become the main focal point.  Alternatively, the landscape can contain just one cascading waterfall that goes into a stream running along your indoor-outdoor area. 

How will water features personalize your landscape?
New Wildlife

Water features in your outdoor living area offer an excellent opportunity to attract local wildlife to your property. People with water landscaping enjoy birds and other native animals’ sounds as they sip a cup of coffee or eat a meal outdoors. 

Stylish Statements

An incredible landscape creates a fantastic first impression for guests and neighbors. It always attracts good company and pleasant conversations. Regardless of the look you want, adding a water feature to your landscape creates a centerpiece that brings tranquility to the space.

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