Four Ways to Increase Your Property’s Privacy

Look around you- people passing by, neighbors looking out their windows, cars taking people home- all potential prying eyes.

Okay, that’s a little paranoid. But there’s nothing paranoid about wanting a little more privacy in your backyard. Maybe you want to read a book without worrying about talking to the neighbors- perhaps you want to sunbathe topless.

In any case, you can bet that increasing your property’s privacy will reward you with hours of solitude and time for relaxation and contemplation. Designing your backyard to become a private getaway is a definite plus that will add value to your property.

Plant Tall Trees

Although this may not be a short-term solution to prying eyes, planting tall trees can be a great long-term way to increase your property’s privacy while giving it a little extra color and beauty.


all trees won’t work for neighbor-to-neighbor privacy (you can imagine why). However, as drone technology advances and satellite images of peoples’ private property become more and more common, you might want a little protection from above.

Tall trees can also be a great way to mark out your property lines. Just make sure you’re not planting an invasive species. Also, check to see how far your tree’s roots spread. Invasive roots can cause damage to nearby structures and grounds covered by concrete slabs or pavers.



Hedges have two advantages. For one, they provide utmost privacy by forming a thick, opaque wall around whatever space you need fenced off. They’re also hard to get through without suffering a few cuts, so you won’t have to bear unexpected visitors.

They’re also a beautiful, rustic addition to any yard. If you keep them nicely trimmed, they might remind you and passers-by of French countrysides and gentle English country manors.

They’re real beasts to trim, though, and require serious maintenance to keep vines and weeds off. And remember, just like with trees, do your research before planting. Although the goal of privacy is to feel like you live in a world all to yourself- you don’t- and it’s essential to respect other peoples’ property too.

#89 Four Ways to Increase Your Property’s Privacy

Block Walls

Block walls are another way to increase the privacy you need around your property. With the right materials, your house could end up looking more like the prestigious manor of a country gentleman than a bungalow in the ‘burbs.

Block walls don’t come cheap, though. They require lots of expensive materials and man-hours. To ensure they will not deteriorate and topple over, they need proper footing and rebar. Look into your county’s jurisdiction for appropriate specs on constructing a block wall.


Here is an excellent solution for people who have an existing block wall that isn’t high enough to provide the desired privacy. First, it’s crucial to ensure the existing block wall is sturdy enough to build on. Once you have determined that your current structure is sound, you can add a topper using wood, metal screens, vinyl, or lattice where you can grow a vine on.


The mixed-media wall topper add to an existing wall can change a given space’s atmosphere and keep prying eyes off your property. Wall toppers provide a significant advantage for all of your privacy needs.

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