Choosing the Right Type of Driveway Gate

Choosing the right driveway gates can be a daunting experience. From swing to slide to single-parting and bi-parting- there are so many choices. If you have a few gated driveways in your area, you probably have an idea of what you want. If not, it can be nearly impossible to decide, especially if you have a large driveway and any type of gate would work.

Here we will discuss the aesthetic and the useful advantages of each breed of driveway gate. More importantly, we will talk about how you can make the most of the space at the end of your drive. First impressions are also significant, so designing something that will stand out is not a bad idea.


Slide gates have a couple of advantages. For one, in the minimalism chic economy era, the almost non-existent slide gate fits right in. If someone comes up to your driveway with the gate already open, they’ll probably not even know you had a gate.


Slide gates, when sheathed, fade right into the environment of your front lawn. Seeing a gate fold back into a kudzu-covered wall or a fence is a nice effect with the potential to impress. That’s something you want in today’s world.

It also has the useful quality of being a space-saver. When sliding gates fold back into their sheaths and disappear behind a wall. There’s no danger of swinging in or out and hitting a car that’s parked too close.


To talk about swing gates, we have to discuss single-parting and bi-parting. Single parting gate part at your fence or gatepost. Bi-parting part in the middle. Each has its advantages.

Single parting gates part at your fence or gatepost and are an excellent choice if you’re going for a country-manor type appeal. Find a white post-fence model to avoid ruining the quaint manorialism of your country driveway.

Single-parting gates can be designed to either slide or swing. Keep in mind, single-parting swing gates have the trouble of taking up a lot of driveway space. You’ll want to position your swing gate so that it opens up inside your driveway instead of outside.
Doing this will accustom guests to the fact that your gate has a wide swing radius and keep them from getting a dent in their bumpers.

These gates are a great addition to country environments- simple with an ancient appeal that’s hard to beat.

Bi-parting gates are a ritzy addition to a driveway that’s already looking to show off. If you’ve got tall, wrought iron fences with spikes on top, stone walls dressed with leaves, or other showy fencing- you’ll love the look of a bi-parting swing gate. Like single-parting gates, bi-parting gates can either slide to the sides or swing in depending on your space and choice.

Keep in mind- all swing gates have opening radiuses. The disadvantage of swing gates is keeping your distance from the gates when they open. Bi-parting swings, though, have a much smaller swing radius- half, to be precise.

All in All

All in all, you’ll love slide gates for an efficient and modern look. Single swings work great in the country, and bi-parting swings are ritzy and glamorous.


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