Recycled Concrete Walls

Recycled concrete walls are a beautiful way to landscape your yard and are gaining popularity around many gardens and backyard enclosures. They are an economical way to create a nice natural feel to your yard that can be utilized in many different ways. This post will take you through what possibilities you have with recycled concrete walls and how they can make your home not only look better but provide some functional purpose as well.

Recycled Concrete Walls And Gardens

Recycled concrete is used in construction fairly often for paving roads and sidewalks, but it certainly has its purpose in residential properties.

Recycled concrete can be utilized to build walls around garden beds without harming the plants and giving the garden a natural aesthetic appeal that other materials like brick will not achieve.


You can also build a regular wall by stacking up this concrete in layers with the most smooth edges facing outside for a better look. You can continue this simple process until you get the wall height you’re looking to achieve. Another way of using recycled concrete to build a wall is to stack the broken pieces within a rebar and mesh framing, creating a transparent concrete wall.

Placing broken-up concrete at the wall’s base will allow the wall more stability when you’re stacking up the recycled concrete. Placing wet concrete between every layer of recycled concrete will keep the wall in place and complete the look.

You can build raised garden beds reasonably high and use the same stacking layers of recycled concrete. Of course, you may want to limit this height, so you don’t have to worry about your garden spilling over, and vice versa; you can easily access the plants.


Paths And Walkways

Creating paths and walkways is another landscaping project to use recycled concrete to give your home an excellent curb appeal and filter rainwater naturally into the surrounding soil.

The process is straightforward and involves laying down the concrete in the spots you see fit and sinking them into the ground to stay put when people walk on them.

What’s more important is that instead of harming the soil underneath, concrete helps rainwater get into the ground and keeps most of it from running off into storm drains. Recycled concrete paths are one of the most common sights you will see for homes that utilize walkways.

Why Use Recycled Concrete Over Other Materials?

Recycled concrete is a strong material that can hold up in almost any weather conditions and is, more times than not, much cheaper than other landscaping materials.

For homes around a lot of nature or looking for that old-time aesthetic, recycled concrete is an easy choice for landscaping needs. Whether you need it for building walls, gardens, or walkways, it is a sturdy, long-lasting material that is well worth its price.

Recycled concrete can be heavy and tough to work with, so hiring a professional landscaper might be the better choice when setting it in. In the end, many DIYers still choose to use this as a way to increase their home’s curb appeal and bring a lovely natural feel to their yard.

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