California Room: The Epitome of Indoor Outdoor Living

Interior decorators find themselves focusing on a new decor trend—glamorized indoor-outdoor spaces. These multi-faceted rooms, known to savvy renovators by the name “California Rooms,” catch their attention and heat the design world. When you imagine a California room, think of it as a bonus living room that opens to the outdoor. This airy space features comfortable furnishing.

These rooms cause homeowners to reminisce of traditional porches, yet more luxurious as they boast indoor amenities and seating. As indicated by most designers’ charming name, California rooms appear more often in homes in warmer climates. These rooms provide a refreshing dose of open-air and a lovely entertainment space.


Why People Are Talking About California Rooms

The design world buzzes about this modern, elegant feature that reserves a rustic element due to having constant access to the outside. A California room adds a space that a homeowner utilizes all year round. These rooms provide shelter and warmth embedded in the design and furnishings of the indoors to ensure comfort. An open breezeway brings the freshness of the outdoors seamlessly into the home itself.

These beautiful transition rooms offer a perfect setting for relaxing after a hard day of work and enjoying the view. Similarly, homeowners can entertain while taking advantage of the outdoors. Now, homeowners free themselves from the drab four walls of their living room by adding a luscious landscape that acts as an exciting backdrop.


How California Rooms Change a Space

Aside from being highly functional spaces, California rooms give the home an expansive space and voluminous feeling. They usually feature high ceilings with ample recessed lighting and a fan. Ceiling heaters provide for winter comfort. When a homeowner considers renovating and adding a California room, climate conditions and the average temperature factor into their decision.

Most California rooms include a fireplace for added coziness. When adding a California room, make it large enough to add comfortable seating and give room to roam around. Part of the grandness of this type of feature proves to be the sheer amount of space provided.

Depending on your space, budget, and taste, your California room can feature multiple seating areas, a fireplace, and even water running through the area. Customizing your space increases the likelihood that you will enjoy the decision in the long-term. Indeed, California rooms offer you unlimited construction modifications for this newly-implemented design tactic. 

Large or small houses benefit from a California room’s addition, a heavily sought-after feature for contemporary homes. They most certainly raise the home’s value and desirability because of their beauty and ability to offer a versatile space to have various functions. California rooms are modern, luxurious, and exciting aspects that transform a homeowner’s living environment for the better.

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