Residential Polished Concrete Floors that Bring a Modern Vibe

Today’s modern techniques have transformed finished concrete floors into elegant surfaces. A finished concrete floor looks beautiful and practical in many situations and offers many advantages of low maintenance living for the family or office cleaning crew.

Known for their ease of care, exquisite designs with truly one-of-a-kind finishes, concrete floors have gained much-deserved prestige among modernists and those seeking to create their vision.
Through unique techniques such as acid stains, paints, stamps, and various faux finishes, polished concrete can mimic tile, wood, natural stones, or terrazzo with endless other possibilities. A practical choice for homes on a slab, polished concrete, is an affordable flooring option as the actual cost is mainly in labor.


Most interior design experts and contractors do not recommend installing polished concrete yourself because the steps require careful timing that most do-it-yourself individuals find challenging to perfect. Since concrete is susceptible to moisture and is in direct contact with the soil beneath, moisture can travel through the concrete and living space. You will need to coat your polished concrete floors with a concrete densifier that fills in the numerous pores that can otherwise trap moisture and cause expansion. The coat is then ground down and can be formed into specific grains and patterns.

Maintenance and Preparation

On the upside, concrete floors are easy to clean and are relatively low maintenance with the need to be resealed once a year or depending on the wear and traffic. Cleaning a polished concrete floor can be as simple as using a gentle detergent after removing dust and non-dirt grime from the surface. Polished concrete is a very economical and modern choice for a trendy flooring option with minimal maintenance.

Residential Polished Concrete Floors that Bring a Modern VibeA Nice Modern LookResidential Polished Concrete Floors that Bring a Modern Vibe

One completely subjective advantage to polished concrete is that the look is flexible and relatively modern. Polished concrete in a solid color can bring a continuous, reflective look that makes a room look more open and extensive. A pattern can be added to the concrete or even added through colored dye before concrete is mixed, and the final steps to bring some details. Staining the concrete is also an option after the concrete is cured to add color and vibrance. A polished concrete floor is suitable for a home or a modern office due to its flexibility in color, relatively low price, and durability.


Bare concrete floors are also hard and cold underfoot, which is likely welcome in warmer climates and not helpful in colder climates. Concrete is also vulnerable to cracks as natural forces such as temperature, moisture, and frequent ground movements will result in hairline cracks even in the most expertly installed concrete. In the end, when cracks happen, they can be filled and blended for a minimal appearance with the rest of the floor and displayed as lustrous timepieces. One can have the same expectation of wood and other surfaces, which will wear gradually.

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