The Best Mosquito Deterrents Around the House

Dealing with mosquitoes is a pesky problem. You expect them outdoors, but when they’ve infiltrated your home or yard, what are you supposed to do? While trying to protect your home on the inside or out, there are many natural ways to repel mosquitoes from hanging around your house. 

Mosquito Repellent Plants

Did you know certain plants can deter adult mosquitoes? This is the best option that you have since plants are natural. They also offer the benefit of adding oxygen to your home. Studies have shown that plants can help improve your mood, too, by providing a breath of life in your space. There are also outdoor plants you can use, which still have plenty of benefits of their own, including beautifying your yard. The best plants for mosquito deterrents include:

  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Catnip
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Citronella grass
  • Scented geraniums

These are just a few of the best options, but you’ll find that they all have their perks. If you choose rosemary and basil, you’ll be able to start your herb garden and use them in your cooking, too. 

Mosquito Repellent Scents

Mosquitoes are also notoriously attracted to (and driven away by) certain scents. Citronella is the most common one that people know, but they also dislike:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • Eucalyptus (best when mixed with lemon)
  • Basil
  • Peppermint

These scents, found in stores as essential oils, will all repel mosquitoes whether you’re wearing them or have them nearby, so be sure to add some to your space.

The Best Mosquito Deterrents Around the HouseFans 

Mosquitoes don’t weigh a lot. Therefore, when you’re running fans, they’re not going to hang around. If you keep fans going, the air is constantly moving and will repel mosquitos. Mosquitoes prefer stagnant air, so that’s another reason that you’ll benefit from running fans. However, the most significant deterrent is simply that they’re not strong enough to do the flying. Fans are great for repelling other flying insects as well.

Mosquito Catchers

Today, several brands on the market make some version of a mosquito trap or catcher that will collect them and kill them. Some use light and sound to attract them. Others look like fly tape or another form of sticky trap. You’ll find these helpful, but they’re usually an eyesore that isn’t easy to hide. 

Mosquito Netting

If you’re looking to keep the bugs out, mosquito nets are an ideal choice. Of course, you’ll have to deal with the nets hanging everywhere. If you do it well, you can create a stylish look not to become an eyesore. This is one of the last options for most people. They won’t eliminate mosquitoes but will help repel mosquitoes while you sleep.

These options will do a lot to get rid of mosquitoes around your home so that you don’t have to rely on chemicals, bug spray, or pesticides, and you can enjoy your home, indoors and out. Feel free to try one or try them all to see which one works best for you. If you find that you have a severe infestation, you might want to consider calling in the pros. However, most people can get their problems under control with the simple tips on this list.

Mosquito Prevention

The best way to eliminate pesky mosquitoes is prevention. Mosquito larvae grow in stagnant water. Dump out any buckets, flower pots, old tires, water features, or anything around your home that might be mosquito breeding grounds. Reducing the mosquito population is the best mosquito prevention. In cases where you can’t dump the water, there are particular tabs available that kill the mosquito larvae in the water.  

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