Residential Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy floor finishing is a decorative concrete form or the luxury version of the well-known epoxy floor systems often used for garages and high traffic areas. Metallic Epoxy can be genuinely stunning with the right effort and creativity involved.

Residential Metallic Epoxy FlooringUnique Looks

Each metallic epoxy floor is unique to its installer, and even the installer can never replicate the same design. Like an abstract painting, epoxy floors can be modest and classy with one or two color combinations or bright and flashy with multiple colors depending on the client’s desires. Metallic Epoxy provides a unique subtle sparkle to the floor or surface it is applied to. Depending on the installer’s experience, creativity, and advanced planning, possibilities are endless for designing these floors.


These extravagant lustrous floors need proper floor preparation before being installed. The concrete slab must be diamond ground using a 16-30 grit to remove the old layer of concrete and any residue from the previous installation. All preexisting cracks must be filled and repaired using cement or epoxy-based products and even with the floors. Once the concrete is ground, a professional vacuum collects all the fine dust from the floor. Once the floor is dust-free, an epoxy coating vapor barrier is rolled onto the concrete. After the base coat installation, 60-100 grit sandpaper is then used on the vapor barrier. The base coat will act as a primer and provide the undertone effect for the metallic Epoxy installed on top. Now the floors are ready to take on the metallic Epoxy.

Mixing Process

For a consistent end product, the installer must adequately mix the metallic epoxy mixture. This is a very critical step in achieving great metallic epoxy flooring. The metallic Epoxy is then poured onto the floor using creativity to make a desired artistic pattern or a solid color. The metallic Epoxy is spread to manipulate the floor design using a magic trowel squeegee or a v-notch gauge rake. Finally, a polyurethane topcoat is applied to maximize scratch resistance. Metallic epoxy floors do require maintenance to preserve the look of the surface they dress up.


A metallic epoxy floor is not maintenance-free. You’ll need select chemicals to maintain its shine and keep it clean. You will want to wear gloves and goggles while using these chemicals. The consistency of cleaning schedules depends on how much traffic you receive.

Metallic Epoxy is not a Floor

One thing to note: Metallic Epoxy is not a floor but a floor covering. Metallic Epoxy requires an already very stable foundation, like wood, metal, or concrete, before adding metallic Epoxy. Otherwise, metallic Epoxy is more of a highly customizable and very durable floor covering. 


Removal of an epoxy floor is expensive and often requires grinding. Most do-it-yourself individuals don’t have the proper grinders, so they hire contractors. Metallic epoxy floor coverings are also meant to be permanent, so choose the design carefully and hope you don’t need to take it off at some point.

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