Building A Backyard Deck

So you’re thinking about building a deck in your backyard. A backyard deck is a versatile space that can take a grassy yard and turn it into an entirely new feature for your home.
The right deck could serve as a place to host gatherings with friends, hold kid’s birthday parties, or to get some relaxing time to yourself. Whatever the purpose, a good deck is a place to make memories with the people you love, so building one is a no-brainer. Below we’ve laid out some ways to help get your project off the ground while considering some critical factors before starting.

Getting Started

The first thing to ask yourself is, how will this space be used? A deck can be used in several different ways. First, imagine what you will want to use it for. Will you be entertaining a lot of guests or using it more for just you and your family?


This can help you figure out how big a deck to build and what type of furniture and decor you’ll need. Determining how you’ll use the deck can help you decide what kind of other features you’ll need. Will you need a large table to host your whole family, or are you leaning toward more of a simple patio to sit back and relax? Do you need space to grill or even incorporate a hot tub? The possibilities are endless.

There are a lot of different options available to you when it comes to building a deck. Some easier deck-building options involve using wooden palettes; then, there are more involved processes like pouring concrete. Consider how involved you want this project to be when determining what type of deck you will build. Do you have help? What kind of experience do you have? It’s okay if you’re a beginner. Even a big deck building project is something that a beginner can figure out.


Next Steps

Planning is critical in minimizing running into unforeseen issues along the way. For example, will you in a BBQ, a sink, lighting such as step lights or electrical outlets, or a hot tub on your deck?

Knowing this information will allow you to plan the build-outs rough stages before you start building the structure. The most important thing to do is research and plan before getting started. If you are a DIYer making a list of all the needed supplies is also a good idea. Once you’ve determined how you would like to use your deck space, you can decide where you want it. The deck can be designed to connect directly to the house or to be placed further away from home. You can also look at your yard before creating the deck and deciding which parts of your deck you want to conserve.

A backyard deck is the perfect installation for homes on higher elevations and properties with uneven grounds. Looking at factors like your home’s elevation and foundation can help you decide on the deck’s placement. You can also create a deck that steps down to a patio. Once you’re ready to build your deck, you can start to consider more factors, such as what material to use for making the deck. Notice your home’s exterior facade and plan for a design that will compliment or match the material and existing color scheme. Look at different types of wood options and choose what fits best with your home.

Composite vs. Natural Wood, What’s the Difference?

One important decision to make when building a deck is whether you’d like to use composite or natural wood. Ultimately, composite wood will have a higher material cost but will last a lot longer. Composite wood also requires much less maintenance than natural wood in terms of sanding, sealing, staining, cleaning, and painting.


The only real maintenance involved with composite wood is semi-annual cleaning with soap, water, and a brush. In the long run using composite wood is worth the extra money as the constant maintenance of natural wood can be very costly. It will be easier to maintain and install initially, and it will last much longer than regular wood. Composite lumber is also resistant to rotting, insects, splintering, and UV damage.

Finishing Touches

Now for the fun part! Once your deck is built, you can start decorating and picking out the finishing touches such as the furniture, the grill, or the hot tub. Adding shade with an umbrella or other shaded device can help make your deck more versatile. With added shade, you can enjoy your deck in the hot sun or during rain or even snowstorm. You can also consider a few games such as a pool table or games like corn hole for additional entertainment.

An outdoor rug is a great way to add some design and depth to your deck. Outdoor rugs can bring a deck space together. It can also protect the wood a bit from weather damage. There are outdoor rugs to match any color scheme, from neutral tones to bright patterns.

Lighting is an important addition to consider. Adding some string lights can give your deck a warm and magical feel. Ambient or step lights are a smart consideration as well, depending on the size of your deck. If you’re more advanced in the light installation sector, you could plan and install ambient lights directly into your new deck steps during the rough stage. If you’re more of a beginner when it comes to light installation, don’t worry, there are plenty of
easy options out there. You could install string lights, tiki torches, or a fire pit. Post lights, wall lights, and railing lights are also great options.


Final thoughts

A backyard deck is definitely a good idea for your home. A few small steps can help you find the perfect functionality of your space. Do your research, make a plan and have patience. The best deck will take time. When you’re kicking back in your comfy rocking chair, sipping on lemonade in the sun, you’ll know that all of your hard work has paid off.

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